The British Society for Phenomenology

The British Society for Phenomenology is a not-for-profit organisation set up with the intention of promoting research and awareness in the field of Phenomenology and other cognate arms of philosophical thought. Currently, the society accomplishes these aims through its journal, essay prize, impact agenda, events, and podcast.

The Journal of the British Society of Phenomenology (JBSP)
The JBSP is one of the longest standing phenomenological publications in the world. The journal publishes papers on phenomenology and existential philosophy as well as contributions from other fields of philosophy engaging with topics in the tradition of Phenomenology. Papers from researchers in the humanities and the human sciences interested in the philosophy of their subject will be welcome too. Space is also given to research in progress, to interdisciplinary discussion, and to book reviews. More information about the journal can be found on the JBSP webpage.

BSP Events
With all our events, we work to provide a friendly and supportive forum for inter-disciplinary discussion. Our forthcoming and past events can be found can be found on the BSP Events webpage.
> Annual Conference: We actively seek to explore the interface between the theory and history of phenomenology and its practice by professionals of many fields. We have welcomed papers from respected names in academic phenomenological and post-phenomenological research and from those applying phenomenological methods in practical fields as diverse as medicine, policing, and law. Each year, as of 2020, we seek to provide a space for some 60 speakers via an open call for papers. These will be 20 minutes long with usually 10 minutes for questions each. We also invite noted experts in the theory and practice of phenomenology as keynotes.
> Workshops, Symposia, Summer Schools, Special Conferences, Courses: More recently, we have begun hosting symposia and workshops each year. Here the format varies, but the events are more focused, inviting experts to speak to a specific topic. The first of these, in 2016, was on ‘Intentionality and the Human’, followed by Cormac McCarthy and Philosophy in 2017. In 2019 we hosted the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 50th Anniversary Conference. As of 2023, the BSP formalized it’s event offerings into a yearly cycle. As part of this we will be offering Online Courses, an International Symposium, and a Winter Public Lecture in Manchester.

BSP Podcast
The BSP Podcast is a regular audio streaming service free to all. Its aim is to both promote the British Society of Phenomenology and its activities, as well as preserve, archive, and share the work of phenomenologists associated with the society. The content is generated primarily from recordings of papers given at our conferences and workshops, although occasionally there is additional material, such as interviews. For access and more information on the podcast, see the BSP Podcast webpage.

Society Membership
Becoming a member of the society is a very affordable way of supporting the BSP and subscribing to the JBSP. Becoming a member of the society is also a requirement for registration at our annual conference and many of our events. For information on how to join the society, please visit the BSP Membership webpage.

Society Administration
The British Society for Phenomenology is a not for profit organisation administered by the board of directors, executive committee, president, and membership.
> Executive Committee Meetings (ECM): Hosted by the Society Secretary. It is attended by the president and executive committee. This body reviews events, the society’s journal, membership, and finances. It also agrees new executive committee appointments, budgets, and future events.
> Annual General Meeting (AGM): Hosted by the president, usually during the annual conference. Presentations are given by the president and executive committee. It is attended by interested members of the BSP membership. The meeting reports on the status of the society and take votes on its direction. Check out the AGM website for more information.