Society General Meetings

The British Society for Phenomenology Annual General Meeting (AGM) is hosted by the president, usually during or near to the annual conference. Presentations are given by the president, directors, and executive committee. The AGM reports on the status of the society and take votes on its direction. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) are called when the society has urgent decisions to make that cannot wait until the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Both AGMs and EGMs are open to the BSP membership who are invited to attend if they can. General Meetings are the memberships’ opportunity to hear about the society’s strategy, and to have a say on how the society operates going forward.

AGM 2022Online – 17 November 2022
AGM 2020Online – 20 August 2020
EGM June 2020Online – 5 June 2020
AGM 2019International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, UK – 5 September