Journal Editorial Board

The Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology (JBSP) is led by an editor-in-chief, managed by an editorial collective, and supported by an editorial advisory committee. To find out more about the journal, including its aims, how to access it, or how to contribute, see our JBSP webpage. To ask a question or suggest ideas for a JBSP Special Issue, please contact the editors.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Darian Meacham – Maastricht University
Dr Keith Crome – Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Arun Iyer – Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Dr Niall Keane – University of Padua
Dr Elisa Magrì – Boston College
Dr Michela Summa – Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Würzburg
Book reviews editor: Dr Andrea Rehberg – Newcastle University

Prof. Robert Bernasconi – Pennsylvania State University
Prof. Rudolf Bernet – University of Leuven – Emeritus
Dr Vincent Blok – Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Prof. Havi Carel – University of Bristol
Prof. Simon Critchley – New School
Prof. Françoise Dastur – University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Prof. Nicholas Davey – University of Dundee
Prof. Günther Figal – University of Freiburg
Prof. William Hamrick – Southern Illinois – Emeritus
Prof. Julia Jansen – University of Leuven
Dr William Large – University of Gloucestershire
Dr Zhe Liu – Peking University, China
Prof. Sophie Loidolt – TU Darmstad
Prof. Dermot Moran – Boston College
Prof. David Morris – Concordia University
Prof. John Sallis – Boston College
Dr Emiliano Trizio – University of Ca’ Foscari Venice
Prof. Ben Vedder – Nijmegen
Prof. David Wood – Vanderbilt

Dr Ullrich Haase – Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Wolfe Mays (1912 – 2005) – University of Manchester – Emeritus