BSP Executive

The present BSP Executive consists of the directors, officers, and the executive committee.

Officers of the BSP

President: Patrick O’Connor
Society Secretary: Matt Barnard
Society Treasurer: Ross Clark
Membership Secretary: Vanessa Firth
Journal Editor-In-Chief: Darian Meacham
Communications and Events: David Deamer
Impact Officer: Keith Crome

Executive Committee

Matt Barnard (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Anne Boddington (Kingston University)
Ross Clark (University of Brighton)
Rachel Coventry (NUI Galway)
Keith Crome (Manchester Metropolitan University)
David Deamer (Free Scholar)
Vanessa Firth (Independent Academic)
Adonis Frangeskou (University of the West of England / Alexander College)
Ullrich Haase (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Lars Iyer (Newcastle University)
William Large (University of Gloucestershire)
Darian Meacham (Maastricht University)
Patrick O’Connor (Nottingham Trent University)
Andrea Rehberg (Newcastle University)
Ashika Singh (KU Leuven)
Tanja Staehler (University of Sussex)