BSP Executive

The BSP is represented by an Executive Committee (ExCo), a voluntary body within and composed from the society’s membership. Executive committee representatives may serve by fulfilling a specific role (or roles) for the society, or in a purely advisory capacity. The ExCo is committed to ensuring the success and growth of the society.

President & Impact Director: Dr Keith Crome (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Secretary: Rachel Coventry (NUI Galway)
Treasurer: Vanessa Crome (Independent, Manchester)
Membership Secretary: Karl Lai (Independent, Singapore)
Journal Editor-In-Chief: Dr Darian Meacham (Maastricht University)
Journal Reviews Editor: Dr Andrea Rehberg (Newcastle University)
Head of Engagement / UK Annual Conference: Dr David Deamer (Independent, Indonesia)
Chair of the International Symposium: Jessie Stanier (UWE Bristol and University of Exeter)
Chair of Online Events: Zoe Waters (Newcastle University)

Dr Matt Barnard (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Prof. Anne Boddington (Kingston University)
Ross Clark (University of Brighton)
Prof. Luna Dolezal (University of Exeter)
Dr Adonis Frangeskou (University of the West of England / Alexander College)
Dr Ullrich Haase (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Dr Lars Iyer (Newcastle University)
Dr William Large (University of Gloucestershire)
Prof. Tanja Staehler (University of Sussex)