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The BSP Podcast is a regular audio streaming service free to all. Its aim is to both promote the British Society for Phenomenology and its activities, as well as preserve, archive, and share the work of phenomenologists associated with the society. The content is generated primarily from recordings of papers given at our events… [More]

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Season Six (2024)

#154Gage KrauseDesynchronization, Alienation, and the Social World in Grief10 June 2024
#153Ronja GriepWhen Does Bodily Shame Turn Unjust? The Case of Menstrual Shame7 June 2024
#152Oskar Otto FrohnShame and Depression – A Phenomenological Qualitative Exploration of Shame in Depression6 June 2024
#151Emily Hughes“Heavier, and less mine”: grief and the modification of bodily experience5 June 2024
#150Pat McConvillePhenomenology and Artificial Hearts: Three scales of temporal change4 June 2024
#149Penelope Lusk“It said the quiet part out loud”: Reshaping Shame in the #MedBikini Twitter Movement3 June 2024
#148Janna van GrunsvenReimagining Embodied Well-Being: Quasi-Cartesianism, Crip Technoscience & 4E Cognition27 May 2024
#147Michael L. J. GreerOn Oscillating Between Fatness & Thinness in a Fatphobic World: Weight-Cycling, Apprehensive Perception, & the Body You Might Have27 May 2024
#146Bence MarosanTowards a Phenomenological Theory of Animal Emotions. A Husserlian Perspective24 May 2024
#145Joe MacDonaghDaseinic elements of the ethicality of nursing practice23 May 2024
#144Tristan HedgesTowards a phenomenology of discrimination22 May 2024
#143Charlotte Knowles & Filipa Melo LopesHow to Dress Like a Feminist21 May 2024
#142Matt Pritchard & Philip ToveyEcophenomenological Perspectives on Human Augmentation19 May 2024
#141Maxim MiroshnichenkoThe Painful Incorporation: Hybrid Intercorporeality in the Case of Dialysis and Chronic Kidney Disease17 May 2024
#140Liesbeth SchoonheimPosters, protests, and reclaiming the streets16 May 2024
#139Eugenia StefanelloEmpathy, Narrative Medicine, and (Mis)Representation of Illness: A Phenomenological Perspective15 May 2024
#138Joshua BergaminWhen is ‘my truth’ true? Interpreting lived experience in phenomenological interviews14 May 2024
#137Tom HeyA Phenomenological Approach to Bulimia13 May 2024
#136Ida DjursaaTowards a Critical Phenomenology of the Erotic10 May 2024
#135Kira MeyerEcophenomenology as a Contribution to Transformation9 May 2024
#134Ullrich Haase‘Is Heidegger’s Other Thinking necessarily an Ecological Thinking? Reflections on the Absence of Nature and the Destiny of Technology’8 May 2024
#133Giovanna ColombettiVarieties of incorporation: beyond the blind man’s cane7 May 2024
#132Alia Al-SajiFanon and an Engaged Phenomenology of Affect: Touching the wounds of colonial duration6 May 2024

Season Five (2020-2021): Part III

#131Marieke BorrenThe Spatial Phenomenology of White Embodiment27 November 2021
#130Ondra KvapilThought-provoking Death20 November 2021
#129Sam McAuliffeThe Improvisational Encounter: What is Common to Music and Hermeneutic-Phenomenology13 November 2021
#128Adriano LotitoTran Duc Thao between Phenomenology and Marxism6 November 2021
#127Maria-Nefeli PanetsosDancing Phenomenology: A New Source of Non-Verbal Knowledge30 October 2021
#126Pablo Fernandez VelascoEvenki wandering and Situationist wandering23 October 2021
#125Mary CoatenDance Movement Psychotherapy in Acute Adult Psychiatry: Psyche and Dasein16 October 2021
#124María Jimena Clavel VázquezPerceiving like a girl? Sensorimotor Enactivism in the face of situated embodiment9 October 2021
#123Mary Fridley & Susan MassadCreating a New Performance of Dementia
Gwen Lowenheim presenting for Susan Massad
2 October 2021
#122Giuseppe TorreNoise, Phenomena and the Digital Psychosis25 September 2021
#121Joel KruegerTaking Watsuji online: aidagara and expression in the techno-social niche18 September 2021

Season Five (2020-2021): Part II

#120Juan ToroThe Ecological-Enactive Model of Disability: Why disability does not entail pathological embodiment
Co-authors: Julian Kiverstein & Erik Rietveld
3 July 2021
#119Ellen MoysanPhenomenological Description of the Notion of Inner Song: Doing Phenomenology to Understand Music Practice26 June 2021
#118Bence Peter MarosanEngaged Eco-phenomenology. An Eco-socialist stance based upon a phenomenological account of narrative identity19 June 2021
#117Belinda MarshalBeing-in-the-Virtual-World12 June 2021
#116D. R. KoukalTeaching Phenomenology as a Heuristic Tool in Architectural Design5 June 2021
#115Sadaf SoloukeyPhenomenological Embodiment in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury Receiving Neural Implants29 May 2021
#114Michael FitzgeraldPhenomenological interpretations of patient engagement in research
Co-authors: Esther Shoemaker, Lisa Boucher, Claire Kendall
22 May 2021
#113Lucienne SpencerThe phenomenological impact of hermeneutical injustice15 May 2021
#112Lewis CoyneWhat is Phenomenological Bioethics? A Critical Appraisal of its Aims and Methods8 May 2021
#111Margaret SteeleWeight-Based Shame as an Affective Determinant of Health1 May 2021
#110Pablo AndreuOn the Patient’s Agency – a Phenomenological Approach to Medical Praxis24 April 2021
#109Caroline Greenwood DowerExperiences of Anxiety: Exploring the phenomenon for therapeutic benefit
Co-author: Benedict Smith
17 April 2021
#108Joe SmeetonIn search of meanings within child protection social work in the UK10 April 2021
#107Maja BersenevaThe transformative power of vulnerability3 April 2021
#106Jan Halák & Petr KřížPhenomenological physiotherapy: extending Merleau-Ponty’s interpretation of bodily intentionality27 March 2021
#105Miriam AmbrosinoUsing Feeling: Engaging Aesthetic Experience in Phenomenological Practice20 March 2021
#104Jamie MurphyThe Angry is Always Right13 March 2021
#103Danielle Petherbridge & Natalia BurakowskaAn Embodied-Cognitive Approach to Dementia6 March 2021
#102Sophie LoidoltOrder, Experience, and Critique: The Phenomenological Method in Political and Legal Theory27
#101Sophie LoidoltA conversation with Sophie Loidolt
Interview by Hannah Berry and Jessica Stanier

Episode 100 Special

#100Shaun GallagherA conversation with Shaun Gallagher
100th Edition Special. Interview by Hannah Berry and Jessica Stanier

Season Five (2020-2021): Part I

#99Hannah BerryWe Need to Talk About Ted20 December 2020
#98Nicole Miglio & Jessica StanierPainful experience and constitution of the intersubjective self: a critical-phenomenological analysis19 December 2020
#97Filipa Melo Lopes“Half Victim, Half Accomplice”: Cat Person and Narcissism12 December 2020
#96Kata Dóra KissThe Importance of Intersubjectivity in the Process of Psychotherapy5 December 2020
#95Rachel ElliottThe Futurity of the “We”: A Merleau-Pontian Account of Group Temporality and Improvised Music28 November 2020
#94Francesca BrencioShifting the paradigm. Neurosciences and the phenomenological challenge
3/3: “Engaging phenomenology in the neurosciences”
21 November 2020
#93Valeria BizzariA multidisciplinary analysis of autism: predictive engagement and the living body
2/3: “Engaging phenomenology in the neurosciences”
14 November 2020
#92Prisca BauerEngaged phenomenology: neurology beyond the brain
1/3: “Engaging phenomenology in the neurosciences”
7 November 2020
#91Dan ZahaviPure and Applied Phenomenology31 October 2020
#90Luna DolezalA conversation with Luna Dolezal
Interview by Hannah Berry and Jessica Stanier
24 October 2020

Season Four (2020)

#89Keith CromeEducation as Child’s Play23 August 2020
#88Hannah BerryEmpathy: the border between narratives22 August 2020
#87Francesca Brencio“Fill the gap”. A phenomenological perspective of exercising psychiatry16 August 2020
#86William LargeAtheism of the Word: A Genealogy of the Concept of God15 August 2020
#85Pablo AndreuDeath as an “Ontological Infidelity”8 August 2020
#84Marco Di FeoThe Human Right to Family Reunification1 August 2020
#83Botsa KataraReassessing the Super-crip Stereotype25 July 2020
#82Pablo Fernandez VelascoDisorientation and Self-consciousness: A Phenomenological Inquiry 18 July 2020
#81Andreas SandnerVisible Odours? On the Issue of Visuocentricism in “Olfactory Austerity”11 July 2020
#80Matteo ValdarchiThe circle and the origin. An interpretation of Heidegger’s Habilitationsschrift4 July 2020
#79Katherine BurnRecalibrating the Contemporary: Reading the Phenomenology of Shame in Metamodernism27 June 2020
#78Dylan TriggWho is the Subject of Birth?20 June 2020
#77Prabhsharanbir SinghThe Auseinandersetzung with Colonialism and the Oblivion of Other Beginnings in Heidegger’s History of Being12 June 2020
#76Salvatore Spina“Sacrificing for Being”: Opfer and Seinsfrage in Heidegger’s Black Notebooks11 June 2020
#75Lin MaOn the Double Role of Going-Under in the History of Beyng – Thinking beneath and beyond Heidegger’s Ponderings in the Black Notebooks10 June 2020
#74Matthew Kruger-RossWhat can Heidegger teach us? After the Black Notebooks9 June 2020
#73Gülben SalmanFrom Pseudos to Falsum: Heidegger on Truth8 June 2020
#72Niall KeaneThe World as Natural or Abysmal? The Threat of Naturalism and the History of Beyng7 June 2020
#71Babette BabichHeidegger on Nietzsche’s “Rediscovery” of the Greeks: Machenschaft and Seynsgeschichte in the Black Notebooks6 June 2020
#70Ullrich HaaseHow can the Black Notebooks Enlighten us about the Question for the History of Being?5 June 2020

Season Three (2019)

#69Zeigam AzizovWithout Origins: Husserl’s ‘temporal objects’ in the light of nonessentialist thinking2 August 2019
#68Tingwen LiWhat If We Exclude Ready-mades from the Artworld?26 July 2019
#67Tarjej LarsenHusserl’s Circularity Argument for the Epoché19 July 2019
#66Rona Cohen“Taking Flesh” in Heidegger: On Dasein’s Bodying Forth28 June 2019
#65Rhoda EllisBeing, the Gallery and Virtual Reality: An Artist’s Take on Building Immersive Artworks21 June 2019
#64Philip ToveyTemporal range, future mandate and strategic shaping; the existential and cognitive phenomenological ethics of preventative policing14 June 2019
#63Peter Wilson (& Rajan Nathan)Phenomenology and causal entities in psychiatry31 May 2019
#62Marcel DubovecThe Inner Structure of Heidegger’s Concept of Freedom24 May 2019
#61Lorenzo GirardiThe Constitution of the One World: Faith in Husserl’s Philosophy17 May 2019
#60Julio AndradeNormative provisionality as a means to navigate Levinasian infinite responsibility10 May 2019
#59James RakocziMoving without movement: Merleau-Ponty’s “I can” in cases of global paralysis3 May 2019
#58Jack PriceAdorno and Scheler on Action and Experience28 April 2019
#57Erin PlunkettPatočka’s asubjective phenomenology19 April 2019
#56Bhaswar MalickParadise on Earth: Tomb of Akbar at Sikandrabad29 March 2019
#55Arthur RoseReorienting Breathlessness: A Case against Symptom Discordance22 March 2019
#54Aoife McInerneyThe Phenomenology of Solidarity1 March 2019
#53James ForrestThe World from the Enactive Approach: Degrees of Transcendentalism 22 February 2019
#52Niall KeaneMetaphysics and Nihilism15 February 2019
#51Luna DolezalPhenomenology and Intercorporeality in the Case of Commercial Surrogacy8 February 2019
#50Moujan MirdamadiDeath-conscious culture and experiences of depression in Iran31 January 2019
#49Ullrich HaaseUnderstanding the Historical Body25 January 2019
#48Patrick O’ConnorKnausgaard, Bodies and The Terrible Beauty of Brain Surgery18 January 2019
#47Christopher EagleBrain Stories: On the Limits of Neuro-Fiction11 January 2019
#46Raymond TallisThe Embodied Subject and Objects in the Weighty sense4 January 2019

Season Two (2017-2018)

#45Jack Lovell PriceMax Scheler, Critic of Phenomenology5 September 2018
#44Marek PokropskiPractising Phenomenology in Cognitive Sciences: Toward Theoretical Integration with Mechanism29 August 2018
#43Mike MartinThe Application of Phenomenology to Explore Pre-Service Teachers Experience of Placement in School22 August 2018
#42Jeffrey McCurryThe Therapy of Putting Essences Back Into Existence: Wittgenstein, Merleau-Ponty, and Phenomenology as a Way of Life15 August 2018
#41Rachel CoventryAre the sunglasses a metaphor? Some Heideggerian Considerations of the Essence of Sunglasses8 August 2018
#40Maria Jimena Clavel VazquezNaturalizing Heidegger (Against his Will)1 August 2018
#39Pasi HeikkurinenEcophenomenosophy – A Response to the Anthropocene25 July 2018
#38Jakub KowalewskiLevinas and the Deformalisation of Time18 July 2018
#37Aoife McInerneyPractical Thinking18 July 2018
#36Anna YampolskayaAesthetical experience as transformative: Henry and Maldiney on Kandinsky11 July 2018
#35O. Bader & A. Peri-BaderThe Presence of Others and the Constitution of Extraordinary Architectural Space4 July 2018
#34Jonathan TuckettThe Cartesian Meditation of Pneuma: the Dasein of a Video Game Character27 June 2018
#33Zeigam AzizovA Temporal Order of Things: Husserl’s ‘temporal objects’ and the (Industrial) Temporalisation of Consciousness20 June 2018
#32Mariam ShahTypical Criminals: A Schutzian Inspired Theoretical Framework Exploring Type Formation and Potential Application in Magistrate’s Courts in England13 June 2018
#31Niall KeaneAffective Demonstration and Speaking Communally: The Practice of Rhetoric6 June 2018
#30Lillian WildeThe Minimal Self in the Face of Trauma: Practical Applications of Phenomenological Theory26 February 2018
#29Edmund O’ToolePhenomenology and Psychiatry19 February 2018
#28Luis Aguiar de SousaThe Lived Body as ‘Tacit Cogito’ in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception12 February 2018
#27Mary EdwardsThe Phenomenological Foundations of Sartre’s ‘Human-World Realism’5 February 2018
#26Matt BarnardTwo Concepts of Anxiety: Heidegger and Sartre on Freedom29 January 2018
#25Ashley WoodwardLesson of Darkness: Phenomenology and Lyotard’s Aesthetics22 January 2018
#24Tanja StaehlerPhenomenology of Childbirth between Theory and Practice15 January 2018
#23Will LargeBefore language there is language15 September 2017
#22Dan O’HaraSome Aesthetic Implications of McCarthy’s Conception of the Role of the Unconscious in the Evolution of Forms8 September 2017
#21Julius Greve“The Kekulé Problem” in Cormac McCarthy’s Concept of Nature1 September 2017
#20Matt BarnardThe Silent Call: Heidegger and McCarthy on Talking to Yourself25 August 2017
#19Katja LaugKekulé, or McCarthy’s Physicality of Dreaming18 August 2017
#18Chris ThornhillLanguage in Benjamin, Agamben and McCarthy11 August 2017
#17Patrick O’ConnorThe Phenomenology of the Unconscious in Cormac McCarthy’s Kekulé Problem4 August 2017
#16Patrick O’ConnorInterview: On Cormac McCarthy and Philosophy 13 June 2017

Season One (2016-2017)

#15Rachel CoventryCan Poetry break the Internet: A Heideggerian account of Post-Internet Poetry26 May 2017
#14Katrin JoostPhotographic Phenomenology19 May 2017
#13Jonathon TuckettThe Talos Principle: When does a bot become a person?12 May 2017
#12Miles KennedyWhere learning takes place: A phenomenological description of Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development5 May 2017
#11Emma WilliamsThe Ways We Think: Epistemology, Phenomenology and Education28 April 2017
#10Ingrid WilkinsonPost-stroke changes in the embodied experience of walking21 April 2017
#9Valeria BizzariPhenomenology and its usefulness in psychopathology: an “embodied” proposal14 April 2017
#8Philip ToveyA Remote Outpost Under Siege: A phenomenological understanding of officers and staff operating under a new core operating model7 April 2017
#7Bernardo AinbinderHeidegger on colour-perception. A case for conceptualism in phenomenology13 January 2017
#6Bence MarosanPhenomenological biology: A proposal for future phenomenology6 January 2017
#5Ashika L. SinghDwelling, Building and Homelessness30 December 2016
#4Emiliano TrizioScience, Metaphysics and the Crisis of Rationality9 December 2016
#3Eric ChelstromSeriality and We-Intentions: A Sartrean Contribution to Collective Intentionality2 December 2016
#2Darian MeachamHow Low Can You Go? BioEnactivism, Phenomenology and Cognitive Biology10 October 2016
#1Felix Ó MurchadhaSpeaking after the Phenomenon: Faith and the Passion of Being10 October 2016