British Society for Phenomenology Podcast

Season Three (2019)

#52Niall KeaneMetaphysics and Nihilism15 February 2019
#51Luna DolezalPhenomenology and Intercorporeality in the Case of Commercial Surrogacy8 February 2019
#50Moujan MirdamadiDeath-conscious culture and experiences of depression in Iran31 January 2019
#49Ullrich HaaseUnderstanding the Historical Body25 January 2019
#48Patrick O’ConnorKnausgaard, Bodies and The Terrible Beauty of Brain Surgery18 January 2019
#47Christopher EagleBrain Stories: On the Limits of Neuro-Fiction11 January 2019
#46Raymond TallisThe Embodied Subject and Objects in the Weighty sense4 January 2019

Season Two (2017-2018)

#45Jack Lovell PriceMax Scheler, Critic of Phenomenology5 September 2018
#44Marek PokropskiPractising Phenomenology in Cognitive Sciences: Toward Theoretical Integration with Mechanism29 August 2018
#43Mike MartinThe Application of Phenomenology to Explore Pre-Service Teachers Experience of Placement in School22 August 2018
#42Jeffrey McCurryThe Therapy of Putting Essences Back Into Existence: Wittgenstein, Merleau-Ponty, and Phenomenology as a Way of Life15 August 2018
#41Rachel CoventryAre the sunglasses a metaphor? Some Heideggerian Considerations of the Essence of Sunglasses8 August 2018
#40Maria Jimena Clavel VazquezNaturalizing Heidegger (Against his Will)1 August 2018
#39Pasi HeikkurinenEcophenomenosophy – A Response to the Anthropocene25 July 2018
#38Jakub KowalewskiLevinas and the Deformalisation of Time18 July 2018
#37Aoife McInerneyPractical Thinking18 July 2018
#36Anna YampolskayaAesthetical experience as transformative: Henry and Maldiney on Kandinsky11 July 2018
#35O. Bader and A. Peri-BaderThe Presence of Others and the Constitution of Extraordinary Architectural Space4 July 2018
#34Jonathan TuckettThe Cartesian Meditation of Pneuma: the Dasein of a Video Game Character27 June 2018
#33Zeigam AzizovA Temporal Order of Things: Husserl’s ‘temporal objects’ and the (Industrial) Temporalisation of Consciousness20 June 2018
#32Mariam ShahTypical Criminals: A Schutzian Inspired Theoretical Framework Exploring Type Formation and Potential Application in Magistrate’s Courts in England13 June 2018
#31Niall KeaneAffective Demonstration and Speaking Communally: The Practice of Rhetoric6 June 2018
#30Lillian WildeThe Minimal Self in the Face of Trauma: Practical Applications of Phenomenological Theory26 February 2018
#29Edmund O’ToolePhenomenology and Psychiatry19 February 2018
#28Luis Aguiar de SousaThe Lived Body as ‘Tacit Cogito’ in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception12 February 2018
#27Mary EdwardsThe Phenomenological Foundations of Sartre’s ‘Human-World Realism’5 February 2018
#26Matt BarnardTwo Concepts of Anxiety: Heidegger and Sartre on Freedom29 January 2018
#25Ashley WoodwardLesson of Darkness: Phenomenology and Lyotard’s Aesthetics22 January 2018
#24Tanja StaehlerPhenomenology of Childbirth between Theory and Practice15 January 2018
#23Will LargeBefore language there is language15 September 2017
#22Dan O’HaraSome Aesthetic Implications of McCarthy’s Conception of the Role of the Unconscious in the Evolution of Forms8 September 2017
#21Julius Greve“The Kekulé Problem” in Cormac McCarthy’s Concept of Nature1 September 2017
#20Matt BarnardThe Silent Call: Heidegger and McCarthy on Talking to Yourself25 August 2017
#19Katja LaugKekulé, or McCarthy’s Physicality of Dreaming18 August 2017
#18Chris ThornhillLanguage in Benjamin, Agamben and McCarthy11 August 2017
#17Patrick O’ConnorThe Phenomenology of the Unconscious in Cormac McCarthy’s Kekulé Problem4 August 2017

Season One (2016-2017)

#16Patrick O’ConnorInterview: On Cormac McCarthy and Philosophy13 June 13 2017
#15Rachel CoventryCan Poetry break the Internet: A Heideggerian account of Post-Internet Poetry26 May 2017
#14Katrin JoostPhotographic Phenomenology19 May 2017
#13Jonathon TuckettThe Talos Principle: When does a bot become a person?12 May 2017
#12Miles KennedyWhere learning takes place: A phenomenological description of Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development5 May 2017
#11Emma WilliamsThe Ways We Think: Epistemology, Phenomenology and Education28 April 2017
#10Ingrid WilkinsonPost-stroke changes in the embodied experience of walking21 April 2017
#9Valeria BizzariPhenomenology and its usefulness in psychopathology: an “embodied” proposal14 April 2017
#8Philip ToveyA Remote Outpost Under SiegeApril 7, 2017
#7Bernardo AinbinderHeidegger on colour-perception. A case for conceptualism in phenomenology13 January 2017
#6Bence MarosanPhenomenological biology: A proposal for future phenomenology6 January 2017
#5Ashika L. SinghDwelling, Building and Homelessness30 December 2016
#4Emiliano TrizioScience, Metaphysics and the Crisis of Rationality9 December 2016
#3Eric ChelstromSeriality and We-Intentions: A Sartrean Contribution to Collective Intentionality2 December 2016
#2Darian MeachamHow Low Can You Go? BioEnactivism, Phenomenology and Cognitive Biology10 October 2016
#1Felix Ó MurchadhaSpeaking after the Phenomenon: Faith and the Passion of Being10 October 2016