Patrick O’Connor – Phenomenology, the Unconscious and McCarthy’s Kekulé Problem

podcast update

Here is the first of the papers from our 2017 British Society for Phenomenology workshop on Cormac McCarthy and Philosophy.

Season 2 episode 17: 4 August 2017

This recording is of Patrick O’Connor’s presentation ‘The Phenomenology of the Unconscious in Cormac McCarthy’s Kekulé Problem’. You can listen to this episode on the BSP’s Podbean site, and you can also find it on iTunes and all good podcasting apps by searching ‘BSP Podcast’.

The British Society for Phenomenology and Nottingham Trent University workshop ‘Cormac McCarthy and Philosophy’ was convened by Patrick O’Connor (NTU). It took place at the People’s History Museum, Manchester, UK during July, 2017. It gathered together philosophers, literary scholars, and phenomenologists to discuss interdisciplinary perspectives on McCarthy’s most explicitly philosophical work to date: ‘The Kekulé Problem’. More information about the workshop can be found here.