BSP Podcast: Patrick O’Connor – Knausgaard, Bodies & The Terrible Beauty of Brain Surgery

podcast update

The third podcast from the BSP’s 2018 workshop ‘Embodied Subjects: Phenomenology, Literature, and the Health Humanities’ has now been released.

Season 3 episode 48: 18 January 2019

You can listen to this episode on the BSP’s Podbean site, and you can also find it on iTunes and all good podcasting apps by searching ‘BSP Podcast’.

On the podcast, Patrick O’Connor presents his paper ‘Knausgaard, Bodies and The Terrible Beauty of Brain Surgery’. Patrick is Senior Lecturer at the School of Arts & Humanities, Nottingham Trent University, UK, where he teaches philosophy at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels; and is the programme leader for the MA in Philosophy. More recently, Patrick was voted in as the new acting-president of the British Society for Phenomenology.

Patrick’s paper is taken from the BSP’s workshop ‘Embodied Subjects: Phenomenology, Literature, and the Health Humanities’, which he convened. The workshop took place in Manchester, UK, during the summer of 2018, and gathered together philosophers, literary scholars, phenomenologists, and practitioners to discuss the significance of embodiment for the health humanities. More information about the workshop can be found here.