Workshop 2018: Embodied Subjects: Phenomenology, Literature, and the Health Humanities

This workshop gathers philosophers, literary scholars, phenomenologists, and practitioners to discuss the significance of embodiment for the health humanities.  This is a one-day event, supported by the British Society for Phenomenology, geared towards reflecting on a variety of issues and themes at the intersection of medicine and the humanities. The workshop will be of value to anyone interested in medicine, the brain, mental health, philosophy, literature, international health cultures, and current research on the health humanities.


  • Dr Christopher Eagle: Senior Lecturer in Health Humanities, Emory University.
  • Dr Ullrich Haase: Principle Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Ms Moujan Mirdamadi: PhD Candidate, Lancaster University.
  • Dr Patrick O’Connor: Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University
  • Prof. Raymond Tallis: Doctor, Philosopher, Poet, Novelist, NHS Emeritus.


The event is hosted at the The International Anthony Burgess Foundation. Directions can be found on their website, and the  address is: 3 Cambridge Street, M1 5BY, Manchester, UK.


Admission is £20 for waged and £10 for unwaged. Please register through our website by clicking here.


9.45-10:    Registrations/Refreshment

10-11:        Dr Ullrich Haase, “Understanding the Historical Body”

11-12:        Dr Patrick O’Connor, “Knausgaard, Bodies and The Terrible Beauty of Brain Surgery”

12-1.30:     Lunch (Provided)

1.30-2.30:  Ms Moujan Mirdamadi, “Death-conscious culture and experiences of depression in Iran.”

2.30-3.30:  Dr Christopher Eagle, “Brain Stories: On the Limits of Neuro-Fiction”

3.30-3.45:  Break

3.45-4.45:  Prof. Raymond Tallis, “The Embodied Subject and Objects in the Weighty sense”.


This event is organised by BSP Executive member, Patrick O’Connor. If you have any questions, you can reach him at [email protected].