Agora: Heidegger, Technology, and the Climate Emergency

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Aaron James Wendland for the New Statesman‘s philosophy column, ‘Agora’, on why our relationship with technology is destroying the planet.

As the editor of the New Statesman‘s popular philosophy column, ‘Agora’, Aaron James Wendland has just published a short piece on Heidegger, technology and the climate emergency:

Why our relationship with technology is destroying the planet
‘Writing shortly after the Second World War, the philosopher Martin Heidegger argued that we must break free from our use of technology to address the climate crisis.’
By Aaron James Wendland | 9 September 2019

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Aaron James Wendland is assistant professor of Philosophy at the Higher School of Economics and the co-editor of Heidegger on Technology. He moderates the New Statesman’s philosophy series Agora, and tweets @ajwendland.