Alessandro Salice: keynote at The Future as a Present Concern – Online Sept 2021

Dr Salice’s keynote paper is titled ‘Realist Phenomenology: A Plaidoyer’. Abstract has just released on the FPC2021 Online conference website.

Registration is open for the online international conference between the National University of Ireland Galway, The Irish Philosophical Society, and the British Society for Phenomenology. Six exceptional keynotes and some 70 panel speakers.

Dr Alessandro Salice will be a keynote speaker at ‘The Future as a Present Concern’, Online, 1-3 September 2021. Salice is Lecturer in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University College Cork, Ireland. His keynote paper for this year’s conference is titled ‘Realist Phenomenology: A Plaidoyer’.

Read Alessandro Salice’s abstract for ‘Realist Phenomenology: A Plaidoyer’.

The Future as a Present Concern (FPC2021) explores the question of the future from phenomenological and other philosophical perspectives. There will be papers on various aspects of this question, whether ontological, ethical, aesthetical, epistemological, and in relation to political theory, gender theory, critical race theory, ecology, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and analytic philosophy.

For more information on the conference, including format and registration, check out the FPC2021 website.