BSP Annual Conferences – attendees tell us what they think

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We asked attendees of the BSP Annual Conference in September 2019 what they thought of the event. Here’s the results…

“The conference was excellent and well organised! I loved attending”
“Nothing felt rushed, and you could rely on the timetable”
“I thank you all very much for all of the wonderful work you’ve put into making this conference possible”

Over the last few years the BSP Annual Conference has gone from strength to strength, and 2019 was the best year yet. That’s what the BSP membership who attended the event have told us. We asked for feedback to better understand what went well, what not so well, and how we can improve things going forwards. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey – we got a wealth of feedback… even if…

“This survey was way too long!”

As a wee bit of fun and to encourage participation in the ‘too long’ survey, there was a prize draw for one person to win free attendance to the 2020 Annual Conference. And the lucky winner was Katherine Burn, Manchester Metropolitan University. Congratulations!

Overall, the results from the survey were really encouraging, and even better than 2018. The conference experience was generally seen as being excellent, especially the quality and variety of papers given by the speakers. We asked: What was the high point of the conference? This is what some people said:

“The conference itself was a 3-day-high-point!”
“The overall feel of the conference”
“The general atmosphere”
“Meeting other interdisciplinary scholars. Such an inclusive vibe!”
“The keynote speakers”
“The papers were excellent”
“The valuable feedback I got during my Q&A”

Several areas where we had identified we needed to improve from our 2018 annual conference survey were much better in 2019 too: this included comfort at the venue and day length.

Not only that, we improved on our excellent previous scores for people saying the conference would help with their research, that they would recommend the conference to others, and that they would attend again. Brilliant stuff. The conference value for money was also a very high score, as was overall enjoyment.

Here are the full results of the survey for 2019, along with comparisons from 2018:

We recorded many of the papers for our podcast channel. Watch this website and our social feeds from early March 2020, when we will be releasing a paper as a podcast every Friday.

And check out the details for the 2020 Annual Conference: ‘Engaged Phenomenology’.