BSP Podcast – season four continues with papers from AC2019

podcast update

The podcast moves to its new home on Saturday mornings as we release papers from our Annual Conference in 2019.

The British Society for Phenomenology Podcast continues from Saturday 20 June with weekly presentations from our Annual Conference in 2019: The Theory and Practice of Phenomenology.

After an intensive full week of releases from the JBSP 50th Anniversary Conference: On the History of Being – After the Black Notebooks (2019), the podcast moves on to recordings from AC2019. We kick off with one of our keynote speakers, Dylan Trigg, FWF Lise Meitner Senior Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna.

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The BSP Podcast is a regular audio streaming service free to all. Its aim is to both promote the British Society for Phenomenology and its activities, as well as preserve, archive, and share the work of phenomenologists associated with the society.