Call for Abstracts: First-Person Science of Consciousness (Witten/Herdecke, 2023)

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This conference will explore how complementary third- and first-person methods can allow for a much more comprehensive phenomenology of consciousness.

Call for Abstracts: First-Person Science of Consciousness: Methodological Potentials, Challenges and Developmental Perspectives

This upcoming conference seeks to advance the field of a first-person science of consciousness – an important but still underrepresented area of research. The conference has a particular focus on methods of conducting first-person research. It seeks to explore the potentials and challenges associated with these methods and is intended to illuminate perspectives for the further development of the field. The conference will bring together leading researchers and young scholars in order to explore how third- and first-person methods can complement each other to allow for a more comprehensive phenomenology and understanding of consciousness.

Time and location: May 11th-13th 2023, University of Witten/Herdecke

Abstract Submission deadline: November 30, 2022

Details, Registration and Abstract submission: