Call for abstracts – Workshop “L’imagination en phénoménologie”

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Saturday 09/12 in-person (Auditorium Cavaillès, Paris 1). Organization – University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne: Luz Ascarate, Quentin Gailhac, and Azul Katz.

Call for abstracts – Workshop “L’imagination en phénoménologie”

University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
Institut des sciences juridique et philosophique de la sorbonne (UMR 8103 ISJPS)
Centre de Philosophie Contemporaine de la Sorbonne (PhiCo)
Composante « Expérience et Connaissance » (EXeCO)

Imagination is a highly problematic concept. On the one hand, it seems to stand in opposition to reality by making itself synonymous with dreams or madness. On the other hand, in the contemporary context of virtual realities, the media and new artistic orientations, the distinction between imagination and reality is constantly being called into question. Therefore, in aesthetics, politics and epistemology, imagination does not seem to be truly opposed to reality. It is here that a phenomenological analysis of imagination – as found in Husserl, Conrad-Martius, Sartre, Ricoeur and Ingarden, among others – as well as of the phenomena that result from it, and of the particular attitude in which we find ourselves when we imagine, makes it possible to account for the interweaving of imagination and reality on the basis of a re-qualification of the experience of subjectivity.

The organisers invite doctoral students and young researchers who would like to take part in the Workshop “L’imagination en phénoménologie” to submit proposals for papers dealing with the imagination from a gnoseological, aesthetic and/or political perspective, which may either fit into a specific phenomenological orientation, or discuss the phenomenological tradition by opening it up to a dialogue with other philosophical methods and traditions. All presentations will be held in person, given in French and will not exceed 30 minutes.

The event organizers will not provide funding, but letters of invitation and certificates of participation will be sent to participants.

Interested parties can send a title and 800-word abstract by October 27 to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

27/10: Deadline for submission of abstracts
03/11: Results
10/11 : Publication of program
Saturday 09/12 : Workshop “L’imagination en phénoménologie”, in-person (Auditorium Cavaillès, Paris 1)

Organization : Luz Ascarate, Quentin Gailhac, Azul Katz