Call for Chapters: Phenomenologies of Love

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See this call for chapters for an essay collection for publication in 2022, edited by Iulian Apostolescu and Veronica Cibotaru.

Edited by Iulian Apostolescu and Veronica Cibotaru

The aim of this volume is to explore diverse phenomenological perspectives on love, ranging from the Husserlian perspective of love as personal value, to the contemporary perspective of Marion on love as the most rigorous concept, without forgetting the perspective of Levinas, for whom love is a grounding point for the ethical relationship to the Other. Although there have been philosophical works dedicated to the question of love, especially from analytic or psychoanalytic points of view, few works have offered a comprehensive account of the diverse phenomenological approaches to love or the different phenomenological questions related to this concept. With the aim of filling this gap, the book aims to address questions such us the possibility of a phenomenological evidence of love as well as of various eidetic types of love, the role of corporeity for a love relationship, the relationship between love and ethics, and the characteristics of Christian love.

The aforementioned questions will not be treated only from a phenomenological point of view. The distinctive characteristic of this collection consists in placing phenomenology in a dialogue with not only different philosophical traditions but also with religious studies, feminist theories, and psychoanalysis.

Although the volume seeks to incorporate different approaches, its leading question concerns the critical role of phenomenology in the assessment of love. Is it possible to distinguish authentic from inauthentic love? Is love a mere feeling which bestows on us or a normative way of being which implies the necessity of a learning process? Finally, this critical reflection leads to the question regarding the universal character of love against its interpretation of love as mere contingent or historically defined phenomenon.

For details of the thematic sections, the timetable, and submission guidelines, see the full call for chapters.