Call for Papers: ‘Lifeworld – between Evidence and Delusion’

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4th International Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology, 5-9 August 2024 – Warsaw. Focus on Husserliana vol. 39 on Lifeworld.

Call for Papers
4th International Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology
Lifeworld – between Evidence and Delusion
Husserliana vol. 39 on Lifeworld
August, 5th-9th 2024 – IFiS PAN Warsaw

The 4th International Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology will take place August 5-9, 2024, at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The theme of the 2024 Warsaw Summer School will be “Lifeworld – between Evidence and Delusion”. The Lifeworld is a concrete sphere of human experience that, defined by historical and cultural interactions, shapes cognition, knowledge, and social practices. It is also a domain of contrasts and ambiguities in which evidence and perceptions are eminently entangled with illusions and delusional experiences. This intertwining of intuitions represents a crucial field of research for a phenomenological theory of subjectivity and a major challenge for contemporary sciences, especially the human and social sciences.
The aim of the Research Summer School is to discuss the epistemological and practical implications of these aspects of the lifeworld, especially the interplay of evidence and delusion. Lectures and project workshops will focus on Husserl’s manuscripts collected in Husserliana XXXIX, and will include, alongside traditional phenomenological approaches, the perspectives of psychology, philosophical anthropology, social theory, psychoanalysis, and psychotherapy. A special focus of the Summer School is provided by the cooperation with psychoanalytical scholars who shed light on the correlation between genetic phenomenology and psychoanalysis.

Suggested Topics:

  • Illusion in experience and social practices
  • The unconscious in relation to the lifeworld
  • Historical and intersubjective dimensions of experience
  • Types of cognitive insight in the humanities and natural sciences, including mathematics
  • Foundations of moral insight in the lifeworld
  • Static, genetic, and generative analysis in lifeworld research

Confirmed Lecturers:

  • Jagna Brudzińska
  • Mirja Hartimo
  • George Heffernan
  • Sonja Rinofner
  • Lanei Rodemeyer
  • Roberto Walton
  • Harald Wiltsche

The Summer School includes:

  • Lectures held by international scholars on the Summer School theme
  • Student Project Workshops
  • Coffee breaks and two cultural/social events
  • The 4th Research Summer School is open to anyone interested in phenomenological research.

Early Bird registration fee (until June 15th) is 60 EUR (250 PLN). Regular registration fee is 80 EUR (340 PLN)*. The fee includes access to all lectures and project workshops, as well as coffee breaks and two social events. An additional, voluntary cultural event may be planned for an extra fee. The registration fee does not include room or board (other than food/drink provided at the coffee breaks and social events).

All interested students and scholars are welcome! To attend the Research Summer School, please register by sending an email to [email protected].

In addition to attending, students may also apply to present a phenomenologically-oriented project in small workshops. These workshops will be moderated by the invited speakers, and students who are presenting will have the unique opportunity to receive direct feedback on their work from these renowned scholars. Each project presentation should be around 10-15 minutes (presenting a summary or outline of the project). This will be followed by a general discussion of the project by all attendees of the workshop (including the invited scholars who are moderating).

To apply to present in a workshop, send an abstract of your project (no more than 500 words) and a CV (1 page) to [email protected] before June 15th. The abstract should provide a clear description of the project to be presented in the workshop. A limited number of proposals will be selected. Presenters will be notified by June 30th, letting them know whether their project has been accepted for workshop presentation.

Languages: English and German
Total Class Time: 30h

Scientific Direction: Prof. Jagna Brudzińska;
Scientific Board: Profs. Mirja Hartimo, Alice Pugliese, and Lanei Rodemeyer

The 4th International Research Summer School on Phenomenology is organised in cooperation with the Husserl Archive, Cologne; Duquesne University Pittsburgh, USA; University of Helsinki, Finland; Charles University Prague, Czech Republic; Università degli Studi di Palermo; and the International Network gPHEN—Genetic Phenomenology and the Human Sciences.

* Due to financial circumstances, individuals may request a reduced rate. Requests will be treated on a case-by-case basis.