Call for papers: Topoi special issue on “Double Intentionality”

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Guest editors Michela Summa, Martin Klein, and Philipp Schmidt welcome submissions for a special issue of the journal Topoi (2020).

Guest Editors:
> Michela Summa – Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
> Martin Klein – Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
> Philipp Schmidt – Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Deadline for submission: 31.05.2020

Call for papers overview

‘Intentionality’ – generally understood as ‘directedness’ or ‘aboutness’ – is one of the most important concepts in contemporary philosophy. Its relevance is manifest in the philosophy of mind, language, and action, as well as in ethics and political philosophy. One central issue is whether intentionality has a single-directed, unitary structure or whether there are different forms of intentionality that may even be simultaneously operative in conscious experience as a complex of several intentions. For instance, do we also intend species or general concepts when we intend individuals or vice versa? Are we intentionally directed at ourselves as conscious subjects when we intend an external object, and does this self-directedness presuppose reflection or is it implicitly entailed in pre-reflective experience? And further: When we hear someone quoting someone else, or when we hear someone imitating someone else, how is the intention toward the original implied in the intention toward the quote or the imitation? When we remember or imagine something, do we only intend the remembered or imagined scenario, or do we also intend ourselves as having previously experienced or as possibly experiencing that scenario as present?

The aim of the special issue is to compare conceptions of double intentionality, to clarify their connections, to specify the different domains in which double intentionality is relevant, and to discuss potentially innovative approaches that may be suitable to explain the different
phenomena in which double intentionality is involved. In doing so we expect to shed new light on the different forms of double intentionality, which has not received thus far the attention it deserves.

For the full CfP see the Topoi special issue on “Double Intentionality” call for papers.

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