Call for Reviewers: Phenomenological Reviews (August 2020)

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The online journal Phenomenological Reviews seeks reviewers for eighteen new books (all from 2019-2020). Check out this great book selection…

The online journal Phenomenological Reviews (ISSN: 2297-7627) seeks qualified reviewers for the books listed below. New reviewers should include a brief description of qualifications. Contributions should include both an in-depth reconstruction and a critical assessment of the book’s argument and should be between 3000 and 5000 words in length. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum. All reviews should be completed within three months of the receipt of the book.

The deadline for the reviews is November 30, 2020.

Please contact the editors at [email protected] with any expressions of interest.

> Abraham Anderson: Kant, Hume, and the Interruption of Dogmatic Slumber, Oxford University Press, 2020
> Hans Blumenberg: Realität und Realismus, Suhrkamp, 2020
> Gilles Deleuze: Letters and Other Texts, MIT Press, 2020
> Jacques Derrida: Geschlecht III: Sex, Race, Nation, Humanity, University of Chicago Press, 2020
> István Fazakas: Le clignotement du soi. Genèse et institutions de l’ipséité, Association Internationale de Phénoménologie, 2020
> Paul Guyer: Reason and Experience in Mendelssohn and Kant, Oxford University Press, 2020
> Jürgen Hasse: Photographie und Phänomenologie, Verlag Karl Alber, 2020
> Guy van Kerckhoven: Einander zu ereignen: Rilkes diskrete Phänomenologie der Begegnung, Karl Alber, 2020
> William McNeill: The Fate of Phenomenology: Heidegger’s Legacy, Rowman & Littlefield, 2020
> Francesca Michelini, Kristian Köchy (Eds.): Jakob von Uexküll and Philosophy, Routledge, 2019
> Sofia Miguens (Ed.): The Logical Alien: Conant and His Critics, Harvard University Press, 2020
> Michael L. Morgan (Ed.): The Oxford Handbook of Levinas, Oxford University Press, 2019
> Gregory S. Moss: Hegel’s Foundation Free Metaphysics: The Logic of Singularity, Routledge, 2020
> Michael Naas: Derrida à Montréal: Une pièce en trois actes, PU Montréal, 2019
> François Raffoul: Thinking the Event, Indiana University Press, 2020
> Bernard Stevens: Heidegger et l’École de Kyôto, Les Editions du Cerf, 2020
> Sigridur Thorgeirsdottir, Ruth Edith Hagengruber (Eds.): Methodological Reflections on Women’s Contribution and Influence in the History of Philosophy, Springer, 2020
> Rochelle Tobias (Ed.): Hölderlin’s Philosophy of Nature, Edinburgh University Press, 2020