Call for Reviewers: Phenomenological Reviews online journal

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The online journal Phenomenological Reviews – dedicated exclusively to publishing book reviews – seeks qualified reviewers for thirteen new books.

Phenomenological Reviews (ISSN: 2297-7627) is an online journal exclusively dedicated to the publication of book reviews related to phenomenology and the phenomenological movement.

The journal aims to promote phenomenology, to foster interest and support research in the field of phenomenological philosophy, and to provide a network for those interested in and/or working in this field. The journal welcomes a broad spectrum of qualitative and interpretive book reviews by scholars from all over the world.

The journal is currently seeking qualified reviewers for the following books:

> Will Atkinson: Bourdieu and After: A Guide to Relational Phenomenology, Routledge, 2019
> Thomas Bedorf, Steffen Herrmann (Eds.): Political Phenomenology: Experience, Ontology, Episteme, Routledge, 2019
> Dietrich von Hildebrand: Morality and Situation Ethics, Hildebrand Project, 2019
> Dietrich von Hildebrand: Graven Images: Substitutes for True Morality, Hildebrand Project, 2019
> Emmanuel Housset: La différence personnelle, Hermann, 2019
> Christian Krijnen (Ed.): Concepts of Normativity: Kant or Hegel?, Brill, 2019
> Iain Macdonald: What Would Be Different: Figures of Possibility in Adorno, Stanford University Press, 2019
> Graeme Nicholson: Heidegger on Truth: Its Essence and its Fate, University of Toronto Press, 2019
> Matthias Schloßberger: Phänomenologie der Normativität, Schwabe Verlag, 2019
> Harald Seubert: Heidegger – Ende der Philosophie oder Anfang des Denkens, Karl Alber, 2019
> Leo Strauss: Leo Strauss on Hegel, University of Chicago Press, 2019
> Richard I. Sugarman: Levinas and the Torah: A Phenomenological Approach, SUNY Press, 2019
> Rüdiger Zill (Hrsg.): Hans Blumenberg: Die nackte Wahrheit, Suhrkamp, 2019

Please contact the editors at [email protected] with any expressions of interest.

New reviewers should include a brief description of qualifications.

Contributions should include both an in-depth reconstruction and a critical assessment of the book’s argument and should be between 3000 and 5000 words in length. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum. All reviews should be completed within three months of the receipt of the book.

The deadline for the reviews is January 15, 2020.