CFA: “Husserl´s Essays on Renewal. A Hundred Years after its Publication”

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Call for abstracts for an International Congress to be held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on December 14 and 15, 2023.

International Congress: “Husserl´s Essays on Renewal. A Hundred Years after its Publication”

The National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires, in collaboration with the Chilean Association of Phenomenology, invites the academic community to submit proposals for the International Congress “Husserl’s Essays on Renewal. A Hundred Years after its Publication”, which will be held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on December 14 and 15, 2023, on the occasion of the centenary of the publication of Edmund Husserl’s essays on Renewal in the Japanese journal Kaizo (1923-1924).

The Essays on Renewal express for the first time to the public his author’s concerns about the philosophical effects of the political and social situation of Europe at his time. Husserl argues for the need of a socio-cultural transformation: “something new must happen”, “Renewal is the general call in our troubled present”. Although some historical circumstances did not allow for the massive diffusion of these works, they represent today one of the central axes of the bulk of growing research on Edmund Husserl’s Freiburg ethics.

The subject of the congress is phenomenological ethics, with a special focus on Edmund Husserl’s practical philosophy and his concept of “renewal” (Erneuerung). The congress seeks to be an instance in which researchers present their results around both these more traditional and more novel themes.

Possible (but not exclusive) topics include:

  • The current relevance of the Renewal essays
  • Renewal, genesis and generativity.
  • Renewal and passivity
  • Renewal, love, and vocation
  • Norms, imperatives and different forms of self-regulation
  • Renewal and revolution
  • Phenomenology and critique of culture
  • Husserl’s ethics in relation to post-Husserlian phenomenology
  • Husserl’s ethics in relation to critical theory
  • Phenomenological ethics and politics
  • Phenomenological ethics, feminism and queer theory
  • Axiology and ethics
  • The concept of renewal in the general framework of Husserl’s ethics and the unity of his ethical proposal

The event will take place in a hybrid format and the official languages of the event are Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Those interested in presenting a proposal should send an abstract in PDF format of maximum of 400 words, indicating the title, the name of the author, their institutional affiliation and email address, to the following emails: [email protected] / [email protected]

The deadline for sending abstracts is June 2nd 2023. Authors will receive an answer on their proposals no later than June 9th 2023.

On this occasion, there will be no funding for travel and accommodation.