CfA – Interpersonal Relations: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Phenomenology workshop

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Workshop to be held 8-10 June 2022 in Birmingham, UK. Keynotes are Yuriko Saito, Stephen Darwall, Sophie-Grace Chappell, Tanja Staehler.

Call for Abstracts
Interpersonal Relations: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Phenomenology
Workshop: 8th-10th June 2022
CfA deadline: 6th January 2022

The organisers would like to solicit abstracts of papers to be included in the programme of a workshop to be held on 8th-10th June 2022 in Birmingham, UK. The goal of the workshop is to stage a conversation between philosophers thinking about, on the one hand, the phenomenology of interpersonal interaction, including its aesthetic dimension, and on the other hand, those thinking about the normative relations between people.

Keynote Speakers
> Professor Yuriko Saito, Rhode Island School of Design
> Professor Stephen Darwall, Yale University
> Professor Sophie-Grace Chappell, Open University
> Professor Tanja Staehler, University of Sussex

Here are some key questions that give a further sense of the theme.
> Do the phenomenologies of shame, embarrassment, love, trust, resentment and other reactive attitudes cast light on the grounds of interpersonal normativity?
> What is the connection between deontic interpersonal normativity (i.e. relations of right and duty) and evaluative interpersonal normativity (i.e. relations of liking and disliking, and judgment of people as good or bad)?
> What is the nature of evaluative interpersonal normativity?
> How do judgments of beauty bear on the above topics?
> Should we, as far as possible, refrain from judging whether people are beautiful?
> Or, alternatively, is aesthetic sensitivity between people somehow important to valuable interpersonal relations? If so, how?

Anonymised abstracts of up to 800 words should be submitted to [email protected] by 6th January 2022.

The organisers are open to speakers participating online, but will give preference, other things equal, to those who can join in person. The organisers will also give preference, other things equal, to those whose attendance will have a lower carbon footprint. To enable the organisers to consider these factors, please include a separate document in your submission containing the following information:
i) your name and contact details
ii) the title of your paper
iii) whether you would attend the workshop in person
iv) a rough estimate (in tonnes) of the carbon footprint of your return journey to the event, using the world land trust calculator:

If your abstract is accepted and you would like to come to Birmingham, the organisers hope to be able to provide some support towards the cost of your travel, accommodation, and childcare. The organisers especially welcome contributions from members of underrepresented groups in philosophy.

The organisers aim to make the workshop accessible in accordance with the BPA/SWIP guidelines on accessible conferences.
The workshop itself, and the workshop dinner, will be wheelchair accessible.
There will be a hearing loop facility in the venue.
Financial support will be available upon request towards access costs such as a sign language interpreter or palantypist.
We will happily provide materials at the event in alternative formats – such as braille – should this be required.
Service animals are welcome.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to provide further information regarding accessibility by emailing [email protected]

This conference is generously supported by The Aristotelian Society and The Leverhulme Trust.