CfP: Perspectiva Filosófica – “Phenomenology, Action, Cognition and Affectivity”

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New Call for Papers for a Special Issue. Deadline for submission is 30th November 2021. Expected publication date: March 2022.

Call for Papers: Perspectiva Filosófica (Brazil) special Issue: “Phenomenology, Action, Cognition and Affectivity”

We perceive the world with our senses, and act upon that which we perceive in various ways. We also cognize, think, wonder, contemplate, appreciate and engage in different sorts of mental actions and intentional behaviors in relation to the objects and environments in which we perceive and act. But these objects and places also move us emotionally, in a way that is closely tied to our motivations to act and to how we perceive and think about them. With these observations in mind, this special issue of “Perspectiva Filosófica” will seek to understand the various ways in which cognition, emotion and action are related and mutually influence one another in our conscious experience in the world. Appropriate topics for submission include, but are not limited to:
> Affective perception: how emotions and feelings influence how we perceive the world
> Corporeality, affect and embodied cognition
> The phenomenology of emotions and emotional experience
> Extended mind and extended emotional consciousness
> Scaffolded cognition and affectivity: affective artifacts and the construction of affective and cognitive niches
> What are emotions? Cognitive and non-cognitive theories
> The normativity of emotions
> Enactivist and 4E approaches to cognition, perception and affectivity
> Phenomenological accounts of affective disorders (depression, chronic anxiety, etc)
> The role of emotions in moral judgments
> Moral and epistemic emotions
> Wonder, awe, sublime experiences and aesthetic emotions
> The role of affect in action and motivation
> Social cognition: how we perceive and emotionally interact with others

Deadline for submission: November 30th, 2021

Expected publication date: March 2022

All articles will be anonymously peer-reviewed, with the exception of invited contributions. Author guidelines can be found in the following link: (In Portuguese. Foreign speakers should contact [email protected] for submission guidelines in English).

All submissions must be sent directly to: Felipe N. De Carvalho [email protected]

Guest editor
Felipe Nogueira de Carvalho (UFMG)
[email protected]

Editor in-chief
Prof. Marcos Silva (UFPE)
[email protected]