CfP: “Philosophy and Sonic Research” for Open Philosophy journal

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A new call for papers from Open Philosophy for the issue “Philosophy and Sonic Research: Thinking with Sounds and Rhythms”.

CALL FOR PAPERS for a topical issue of Open Philosophy
“Philosophy and Sonic Research: Thinking with Sounds and Rhythms”

Open Philosophy invites submissions for the topical issue “Philosophy and Sonic Research: Thinking with Sounds and Rhythms,” edited by Martin Nitsche and Vít Pokorný (the Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague).


Human reasoning (including philosophy, language, arts, politics, leisure, etc.) is predominantly built on visual experience. Sonic thinking challenges the primacy of visual and claims that human rationale should be enriched by and transformed according to aural experience. The topical issue intends to follow this endeavour by investigating both possible and actual interconnections between sonic research and philosophy.

Sonic research investigates our experience with sounds, music, rhythms, resonances, noises, and other sonic phenomena in order to describe both acoustic nature of various environments (i.e. soundscapes) and aural configurations of human sensing (jointly with understanding). In our aim to capture the impact of sonic research to philosophy, we do not favour any philosophical approach, but welcome papers from all schools and disciplines of contemporary thinking (including, for example, phenomenology, philosophy of mind, critical theory, object-oriented ontology, media philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of perception, environmental philosophy, enactivism, and philosophical applications of cognitive science).

Submissions will be collected by April 15, 2021.

For more information, how to submit, and contacts, see ‘Open calls for papers’ on the homepage of Open Philosophy.