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As part of the project Renewing Phenomenological Psychopathology, there is a new call for papers for the Philosophical Psychology journal.

As part of the project Renewing Phenomenological Psychopathology, there is a new call for papers for a special edition of the Philosophical Psychology journal.

Renewing Phenomenological Psychopathology
Renewing Phenomenological Psychopathology is a new project that aims to apply interdisciplinary approaches to phenomenological psychopathology and diversify the field more broadly. It is an International Exchange Award funded by the Wellcome Trust and will run from April 2022 to April 2024. The project leaders are Matthew Broome and Giovanni Stanghellini.
Although phenomenological psychopathology has done much to expand our understanding of mental disorders, the tradition remains somewhat fossilised in the humanities and social sciences of the mid-20th century. The team aim to infuse phenomenological psychopathology with the recent contributions of analytic philosophy of mind, hermeneutics, structuralist/post-structuralist philosophy, history, literature, values-based practice, developmental psychology, and service user research.
In addition, the team hope to generate diverse international scholars from across disciplines and career stages to develop their research leadership and management activities and to engage in award activities, including international exchange fellowships, small grants, and knowledge exchange events. The award will commence the reconstruction of phenomenological psychopathology for the 21st century as a democratic discipline with a historicised and inclusive account of the experience of mental illness.

Invited contributors include:

  • Professor Guilherme Messas (Casa de São Paulo School of Medical Sciences, Brazil)
  • Dr. Roxana Baiasu (University of Birmingham, Stanford University in Oxford)
  • Professor Kohji Ishihara (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Dr Sofia Jeppson (Umeå University, Sweden)
  • Professor Barnaby Nelson (University of Melbourne & Orygen)
  • Professor Jasper Feyaerts (University of Ghent)

Through this special issue, the team invite critical reflection on the theme of renewing phenomenological psychopathology, and welcome submissions from multiple perspectives, from practitioners and academics of all career stages. Areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Critical phenomenology and phenomenological psychopathology
  • The role of lived experience in phenomenological psychopathology
  • Bio-political approaches to phenomenological psychopathology
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to phenomenological psychopathology (particularly with connections to the humanities)

Deadline is end of October 2023.

Please see information about guest editors, invited contributors, and themes here:

Special Issue Editors
Lucienne Spencer, University of Birmingham – [email protected]
Matthew R. Broome, University of Birmingham – [email protected]
Giovanni Stanghellini, University of Florence – [email protected]