CfP: Responses to Political Crisis and Collapse: Arendt, Stein, Luxemburg, and Weil

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Conference rethinking how Arendt, Stein, Luxemburg, and Weil lived & conceived their respective political crises and their responses to it.

Call for Papers
The Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy in conjunction with The Centre for Advanced Research in Catholic Theology at King’s University College at Western University, London, Canada present:

Rethinking Responses to Political Crisis and Collapse: Hannah Arendt, Edith Stein, Rosa Luxemburg, and Simone Weil
London, Canada
March 6–8, 2020

Keynote Speakers:
> Anna Rowlands, Durham University
> Rebecca Rozelle-Stone, University of North Dakota

Rosa Luxemburg, Edith Stein, Simone Weil and Hannah Arendt were contemporaries. They each experienced the crises and political collapse that devastated Europe in the first half of the 20th century. This conference examines how each thinker lived and conceived of their respective political crisis as well as their responses to it. Each thinker had a developed practical response to the crisis, but they also believed that the crisis and collapse of their society required a rethinking of politics. This rethinking produced theoretical treatises on what a new politics or political society ought to look like. We welcome paper proposals that examine the political treatises produced by the thinkers in order to assess critically the political visions offered.

We invite abstracts for proposed papers (250 word maximum) that explore the social and political works of Arendt, Luxemburg, Stein, and Weil. We also invite papers on the following themes: collapse, reform, revolution in Luxemburg; politicsof the inter-esse, speech and deed in Arendt; the state community of law in Edith Stein; the nation of obligation in Weil. We will also consider papers that create a dialogue between the aforementioned thinkers and other philosophers,disciplines, or fields of study. We also encourage papers that treat the theme of crisis and rethinking the political more broadly and introduce new or understudied thinkers or perspectives, especially from varied philosophical traditions.

Deadline for Abstracts: December 15, 2019

All abstracts should be sent to:
> Antonio Calcagno ([email protected]) and Stephen Lofts ([email protected])

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide funding to participate in or attend the conference.

For more information, please contact Antonio Calcagno ([email protected]) and Stephen Lofts ([email protected])