CfP: Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology – 3rd Issue

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The Iranian Society for Phenomenology (ISP) invites all those researchers that might be interested to contribute to this edited volume.

The Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology
CfP for the 3rd Issue

The Iranian Society for Phenomenology (ISP) is intending to publish the 3rd issue of “The Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology” in association with the Iranian Political Science Association (IPSA) and Gam-e-Nou (New Step) Publisher. The ISP invites all those researchers that might be interested to contribute to this edited book volume. Authors should submit their final draft (in Persian or English) no later than 20 January 2024 to the official website of the Yearbook: (

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Empathy, Cognition, and Sociality
  • Experience and Its Structure
  • Ego and Transcendentality
  • Intention and Intentionality
  • Experience, Embodiment, and Sociality
  • Empathy and the Other I
  • Intersubjectivity and Transcendental We
  • Natural Attitude and Natural Concept of the World
  • Other and Otherness
  • Life-world and the Possibility of We
  • Judgment The Phenomenological Reduction
  • Subject/Object, and Inter-Subjective Basis of Natural Attitude
  • Memory and the Problem of Time
  • Ego, Alter Ego, and Being Social
  • The Whole: Its Parts and Their Relations
  • Life-World and the Surrounding World
  • Love and Sociality
  • Tradition and Political Autonomy
  • Phenomenological Conciseness of Time and Space
  • Body and Embodiment
  • Meaning and Husserl’s Theory of Meaning
  • Truth and Ontology
  • Science and the Possibility of Phenomenological Science

Essays in English will be translated into Persian by our Editorial Team and will be published in Persian. Free and open access to English papers will be provided online as soon as the printed version is published.
Your Papers should be submitted not after 20 January 2024.