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The Perspectiva Filosófica journal invites contributions to its forthcoming issue on ‘The 21st century and the artificialization of the world’.

Call for Papers:
‘Where does physis still live? The 21st century and the artificialization of the world’
Perspectiva Filosófica

Edited by: Rodrigo Amorim Castelo Branco, Hilan Bensusan, Gerson Brea and Maria Eugênia Zabotto Pulino

Heidegger understood that metaphysical thinking not only grounds technique but also introduces an increasingly intense nihilism, where physis, what makes things what they are without being instigated or conscribed, is replaced by the domain of the intelligibility of things. He diagnosed this movement based on the link between technics and metaphysics, where both house a progressive promotion of the artificialization of the world. He tried to envision a turning point that would take thought away from destroying physis. Heidegger was concerned with the issue of technique, machining and even called the 20th century an atomic era. The calculation became so colossal that physis lost some of its strength and the technical intensification became a reality to the point that “a dam is not inside the river, but the river inside the dam”.

And how does the technical process take place in the 21st century? The mechanical human optimizes forces, holds more and more sovereignty and establishes new forms of interaction with herself, with otherness and with the surrounding world. It moves away from natural living conditions, changes its facticity and is refactored in terms of digital technologies, artificial intelligences and images that are not anchored in physical reality. These modes of living and experiences that take place in the time we are in can be interpreted as faces of what Heidegger calls gigantic, which has not yet been completed, however, drives a profound transmutation of socio-cultural, political, labor and economic values. How is it possible to think of a turning point? After all, what’s left of physis? Where does it still lie?

This special issue will gather works that discuss, from Heidegger’s perspective, the artificialization processes that are taking place in the 21st century. The multiple approaches to this are welcome in the special issue.

Contributions welcome in Portuguese, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian until September 30, 2020. Information: [email protected]