Changes to Executive Roles

Following our hugely successful conference this year, some changes were made to roles in the executive meeting held immediately afterwards.

First, we’re all very happy to welcome Ashika Singh to the society executive. Ashika is a PhD candidate in KU Leuven who spoke at our conference this year, and we look forward to her contribution to the society. Secondly, while Dr Lars Iyer will continue to serve as an executive officer, he has now stepped down as secretary. We are all very grateful for his work in this role over the years.

In addition, Matt Barnard, having stepped down as Membership Secretary, was elected to the role of Secretary in Lars’ stead. Vanessa Firth, another welcome new member of the executive, was elected to fill the roll of Membership Secretary. Ross Clark has also taken over the role of Treasurer.

If you didn’t already know, information on how to contact the Executive and speak to the Membership Secretary is always available on our website.

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