Coming soon: 50th Anniversary Conference of the JBSP – register now!

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The Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology celebrates 50 years with a 3 day conference beginning 31 May 2019.

JBSP 50th Anniversary Conference: On the History of Being – After Heidegger’s Black Notebooks, (2019)

Register now for the conference. It takes place in Manchester, UK, running from Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June, 2019.

In celebration of Volume 50 of the JBSP, the British Society for Phenomenology is running a three-day conference, examining the contribution of Heidegger’s Schwarze Hefte (Black Notebooks) to an understanding of the question of the history of being.

Contributions from: Babette Babich, Matthew Barnard, Robert Bernasconi, Francesca Brencio, Jack Coopey, Ullrich Haase, Davor Jurić, Niall Keane, Dominic Kelly, Matthew Kruger-Ross, Lin Ma, Manuela Massa, Aleš Novak, Gülben Salman, Prabhsharanbir Singh and Salvatore Spina.

Registration details plus the full programme with abstracts is now available on the JBSP 50th Anniversary Conference website.

Any questions? Write to the conference organizer at [email protected].