Conference on Phenomenology and Social Ontology

The conference ‘Phenomenology and Social Ontology: Contest or Convergence?’ will take place in Germany on the 13-14th of October 2022.

Location: University of Potsdam Campus: Am neuen Palais


Historically speaking, the connection between phenomenology and social ontology could not be more intimate, given that the term “social ontology” was first introduced by Husserl himself. However, the further development of these fields seem to have parted ways – an estrangement that John Seale expresses in a response to Hubert Dreyfus in the following way: Phenomenologists “do not have much to contribute to the topic […] of the logical structure of social and institutional reality” (Searle, 2001, 284). If this is a common view about the relation between phenomenology and social ontology, it is worth to reconsider the origins, paths, and systematic relations between these domains of philosophising.

Sara Heinämaa (Jyväskylä): Exceptional Relations: Husserl’s Account of the Normality of Human Life

Hans-Peter Krüger (Potsdam): Humans are Playing into and with Social Roles in their Shared World

David Lauer (Kiel): Social Ontology and Phenomenology of the Second Person

Gustav Melichar (Heidelberg): Towards a Phenomenology of Trust

Hans Bernhard Schmid (Vienna): Phenomenology, Existential Philosophy, and Fundamental Social Ontology

David Schweikard (Flensburg): What do we study when we study the Social World?

Thomas J. Spiegel (Potsdam): Phenomenology, Naturalism, and the Argument for Normativity

Christian Tewes (Mannheim): Embodied Experience and Social Constructivism in Dementia Research: A Phenomenological Perspective

Linas Tranas (Cologne): Shared Emotions Is (Mainly) a Phenomenological Question

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