Douglas Kellner: “Adventures in Existentialism” (Online 7 January 2023)

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The Existentialist Society (Melbourne, Australia) announces the full 2023 programme of online Zoom lectures, beginning with Professor Douglas Kellner (UCLA).

Existentialist Society – Melbourne, Australia
Online lecture, Saturday 7 January 2023, 2pm
“Adventures in Existentialism”
Professor Douglas Kellner (UCLA)

For those who question whether life has a meaning and a purpose. For those who despairingly ponder whether one can live without self-deception or without hedonistic escapism; yet who, despite the anguish of life’s futility and meaninglessness, still seek purpose and an authentic existence.

Lectures: Via Zoom

Full programme:

Saturday 7 Jan 2023
Professor Douglas Kellner: “Adventures in Existentialism”

Saturday 4 Feb 2023
Dr Valery Vinogradovs: “Albert Camus on Poverty”

Saturday 4 Mar 2023
A/Professor Patrick Stokes: “The Road to Martyrdom: Kierkegaard vs. Schopenhauer”

Saturday 1 Apr 2023
A/Professor Janice Richardson: “Politics and Spinoza’s Image of Personal Change”

Saturday 6 May 2023
Dr Usha Sista: “Authenticity: Is It Actually Possible?”

Saturday 3 Jun 2023
Professor Jonathan Weidenbaum: “Martin Buber’s Philosophy of Dialogue: An Alternative Non-Duality”

Saturday 1 Jul 2023
Dr David Rathbone: “The Time-Travel Fantasy”

Saturday 5 Aug 2023
Dr Colin Goodwin: “Your Self, Your Consciousness, Your Death: Crucial Distinctions and Connections”