Feeling Towards: Unity of Phenomenology and Intentionality in Emotion Workshop

There will be an online-Workshop via zoom hosted by the University of Bonn University of Würzburg on the 22-23 July 2022


Recent work in the philosophy of emotion is characterized by a broad consensus that emotions possess both a phenomenal or felt character as well as directedness or intentionality. In being glad, jealous or angry, there is a characteristic way we feel; moreover, our emotion is directed or has an intentional object: we are glad, jealous or angry about something. In line with broader developments in the philosophy of mind, the past two decades have seen an increasing interest in the relation between these two aspects of emotion. More specifically, a further consensus is starting to form to the effect that the phenomenal and the intentional aspects of emotions are not to be viewed as separate components but as essentially intertwined: emotions are intentional feelings or, in Peter Goldie’s (2000) terms, ‘feelings towards’. At the same time, those who are party to this consensus offer competing views of the character of these feelings and, in particular, of the specific kind of intentionality they can be seen to display. While many suppose emotions are intentional experiences of the same type as (or at least analogous to) perceptual experiences, others have argued that the phenomenal dimension of emotion displays a reactive character that distinguishes it from perceptual experience. Moreover, there has been a lively dispute about the type of the feelings in play in this context is the way we feel towards aspects of the world in emotion accountable in terms of familiar types of (e.g. somatic or conative) experiences or, alternatively, is feeling towards an experience of a fundamentally different, sui generis, sort?

In this workshop, we want to explore the prospects of an intentionalist view of felt dimension of emotion with a particular focus on these two disputes.


Rick Anthony Furtak (Colorado College, USA)

Uriah Kriegel (Rice University, USA)

Angela Mendelovici (Western University, Canada)

Jonathan Mitchell (Cardiff University, UK)

Jean Moritz Müller (University of Bonn, Germany)

Philipp Schmidt (University of Würzburg, Germany)

Jan Slaby (Free University of Berlin, Germany)


Jean Moritz Müller

Philipp Schmidt


Everyone is welcome to join. However, to enable direct communication and a more personal atmosphere, we have decided to limit the number of participants to 15. Places will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis. Registration will be possible starting 1st July 2022 by sending an email to [email protected].

For more info please visit https://sites.google.com/view/feeling-towards/