Havi Carel on ‘Phenomenology of Social Distancing’

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Carel gives the Royal Institute of Philosophy Cardiff Annual Lecture (3 November 2020 8pm). Plus London Lectures and Patricia Churchland.

London Lectures, Havi Carel on social distancing, Patricia Churchland on morality

The Royal Institute of Philosophy is moving its live public philosophy events online. You can watch them live and take part in live Q&As. The organisers will also make them all free to watch later on their YouTube Channel. You can subscribe here.

The London Lecture Series is devoted to radical ideas and policies, ‘A Philosophers’ Manifesto’ starts this Friday at 6.30 (GMT) with Thaddues Metz on Reconciliatory Sentencing.
Book Now here. Full programme here.

Havi Carel will give the Royal Institute of Philosophy Cardiff Annual Lecture, ‘Phenomenology of Social Distancing’ on 3 November at 8pm (GMT). Details here.

Prof. Havi Carel will analysing how the restrictions aimed at preventing the transmission of covid-19 are affecting our lived reality. Be there (or be significantly less enlightened on the phenomenology of the #newnormal)

Patricia Churchland will give the London Annual Lecture on 5 November (GMT). Her talk is called, ‘Good Natured: Mammalian genes and the origin of morality’. Details here.

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