New Book – ‘Heidegger and his Anglo-American Reception: A Comprehensive Approach’

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Brings together major English-speaking Heidegger specialists from the purely Continental Richardsonian / Derridean tradition and from the pragmatist Dreyfusian school.

John Rogove & Pietro D’Oriano (eds.)
Heidegger and his Anglo-American Reception: A Comprehensive Approach

Springer, “Contributions to Phenomenology” (2022)

This is the first book of its kind to bring together major English-speaking Heidegger specialists from the purely Continental Richardsonian/Derridean tradition and from the pragmatist Dreyfusian school.

This book presents both a historical overview of the absorption of Heidegger’s thought into English-language philosophical schools as well as a philosophical discussion of his thought provided by contemporary scholars. The text describes the ways in which a philosophical methodology and worldview seemingly so inhospitable to Anglophone academia has managed to find an unlikely home.

This volume is roughly divided into two types of contributions: discussions of Heidegger’s reception in the English-speaking world, and outstanding examples of English-language Heidegger scholarship. The first type includes both historiographical accounts of the encounters between Heidegger’s thought and the Anglo-American world, as well as their philosophical expositions and critiques. The second group of chapters reveal the latest contemporary scholarship by contemporary Heideggerians writing in English. It is moreover the first volume to bring together thinkers from both genealogies of Anglo-American Heideggerianism appealing to students and researchers working in both of these camps.

Table of contents:
Foreword – John Sallis
Introduction – John Rogove
Heidegger Translation in the 1970s – David Farrell Krell
Derrida’s “Deconstruction” and Heidegger’s Reception in America – Françoise Dastur
Seinsvergessenheit: Heidegger and Anglophone Philosophers of Religion -Joseph S. O’Leary
Among Heretics: Derridean Influences in Anglo-American Encounters with Heidegger’s Later Work – Daniela Vallega-Neu
Anarchy in the Name of Heidegger – Nicolas de Warren
Heidegger’s Disavowal of Metaphysics – Taylor Carman
Formal and Fundamental Ontology in Husserl and Heidegger – John Rogove
The Topic of Sense in Being and Time – Daniel O. Dahlstrom
Life and World: Heidegger’s Phenomenological Metaphyiscs and Its Discontents – Steven Crowell
The Pragmatist Reading of Being and Time – Aaron Shoichet
Conscience, Its History and Being and Time: On Selfhood, Autonomy and an Experiment with Norms – Denis McManus
Death, the Brother of Sleep – Michael Inwood
Dilthey, Heidegger and the Actualizing-Sense of History – Rudolf A. Makkreel
An Ethics of Courage and Honesty in Wittgenstein and Heidegger – Lee Braver
Heidegger on Truth as Opening Possibilities – Pirmin Stekeler
Frege and Heidegger: On Frege’s Style – Pietro D’Oriano
Heidegger on Americanism, After Carl Schmitt and Max Weber: The United States as a Figure of a Historical Transcendental – Paul Slama
The Desolation of Our Time: Celan’s Struggle with Heidegger – Edward Kanterian
Technology, Essence, and Everyday Living – Charles E. Scott