In Memoriam Bernard Stiegler – special issue of Parrhesia

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To mark the passing of French philosopher Bernard Stiegler, Parrhesia journal has released a special issue of previously published articles.

The Editors of Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy mourn the passing of the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler. Parrhesia has published work by Stiegler, in translations by members of its Editorial team, as well as several articles about his work. The journal also published its translation of an interview with Stiegler. All of those texts are included in this special issue. We consider what his philosophy accomplished—after Edmund Husserl, through a thinking of technics that was mediated by the work of Gilbert Simondon—to be one of the major accomplishments of contemporary thought, one that we will continue to explore in the journal’s pages.

The Editors of Parrhesia

The special issue is introduced with a personal reflection by Arne de Boever, and is available online and open source: