International Symposium 2023

The British Society for Phenomenology invites expressions of interest to host our International Symposium in the latter half of 2023.

Call for Expressions of Interest to host the BSP International Symposium 2023

The British Society for Phenomenology is a not-for-profit organisation set up with the intention of promoting research and awareness in the field of phenomenology and other cognate arms of philosophical thought and practice. Currently, the society accomplishes these aims through its journal, essay prize, impact agenda, podcast, and events.

The BSP is launching an International Symposium as part of its exciting new events offering, intended to foster closer links between phenomenologists working in the UK and across the world. The International Symposium will offer a platform through which to spotlight areas of excellence and innovation at a different host institution or country each year, entering into dialogue with visiting delegates from the BSP and exploring points of common interest.

Each year the BSP will support a different host institution outside the UK with co-funding and co-organisation of the event, with plenty of scope to shape the event agenda and format. The new BSP events team will assist, with Jessie Stanier (Chair of the International Symposium) as the main point of contact.

We would welcome applications from anyone working at a potential host institution (Universities or otherwise) with an interest in phenomenology. For 2023, we are looking for expressions of interest from potential hosts based in Europe, but from 2024 onwards we are hoping to collaborate with partners from other continents too.

Deadline for submissions for the 2023 event was 31 July 2022 and submissions are now closed.

If you wish you submit a proposal for 2024 – read on and get in touch!

Indicative suggestions for organising the event are provided below. However, it should be emphasised that host institutions are welcome to suggest alternative arrangements and develop plans in collaboration with the BSP. The event can be tailored to suit the needs and interests of the partnership.


  • It is proposed that the International Symposium will run as a single track in-person event, taking place over an afternoon session, evening meal, and morning session on the following day.
  • Speakers will selected by the organising committee (from the host institution and the BSP). This might be through invitation or through a formal call for papers.
  • Each year there will be a broad theme, selected to spotlight points of mutual interest and to generate discussion across the event. This theme is set by the representative of the host university, and agreed by the chair of the International Symposium.
  • The selection of speakers will be divided equitably between the host university and the BSP. A key objective is to achieve gender balance and diversity.
  • The length of papers presented and Q&A sessions will be decided by the representative of the host university, and agreed by the chair of the International Symposium.
  • Speakers will have the opportunity, if they so wish, to be recorded for the BSP Podcast. There may also be scope to offer an online broadcast of the event.
  • The host institution will offer catering during breaks and one evening meal.

Reasons to host the International Symposium

  • You have the opportunity to spotlight areas of excellence and innovation in phenomenology at your host institution or country on an international platform.
  • This event is designed to foster close international links between phenomenologists, and can serve to prepare the ground for future collaboration and funding bids.
  • It is fun to run events like this and you will have a lot of freedom to shape this agenda, as well as substantial support from the BSP events team.
  • Event-management and negotiating funding from your university (and/or offsetting funding with free room provision, and so on) are highly transferable skills and look excellent on a CV.


If you wish to express an interest in hosting the BSP International Symposium 2023 (or future years), please contact the Chair of the International Symposium, Jessie Stanier ([email protected]) to request our expressions of interest form. The BSP will evaluate your expression of interest, and if you are shortlisted then you will be asked to submit a formal proposal.

Further information

  • Check out what attendees at previous BSP events have had to say about the organisation, atmosphere, and impact of these events with our cumulative feedback survey results for 2020.
  • To ask a question or discuss any aspect of the BSP International Symposium, please contact the Chair of the International Symposium, Jessie Stanier, at: [email protected].