JBSP Online: Book review – Hegel on Second Nature in Ethical Life by Andreja Novakovic

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Out now, Jeremy Dunham’s review of Andreja Novakovic’s book for our Journal, published online in advance of the paper edition.

Jeremy Dunham – Book Review: ‘Hegel on Second Nature in Ethical Life by Andreja Novakovic’ [Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017]. (Review originally published online: 17 Apr 2019).

Opening paragraph: This is an excellent book. Anyone interested in Hegel’s views on habit, culture, ethical life, freedom, and the meta-philosophical assumptions behind his project in the Philosophy of Right will find, I expect, Novakovic’s work extremely useful. It will also be of great interest to anyone considering the contemporary relevance of Hegel’s work for political philosophy and ethics. Novakovic’s method is to present Hegel as conversing with a modern audience. This is not an approach to the history of philosophy that often works very well, but I am impressed by how well it works in this book. I think one of the reasons why Novakovic succeeds so masterfully is that she does not try to artificially wedge Hegel into some fashionable contemporary debate, but makes Hegel speak in his own voice on broad practical issues, such as inequality, race, and gender, without trying to turn this voice into the voice of a contemporary analytic or continental philosopher.

Full article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00071773.2019.1605967

Jeremy Dunham, University of Durham, UK

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