JBSP Online: Book review – The Experience of Injustice by Emmanuel Renault

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Available now, Leonidas Chiotis’ review of Emmanuel Renault’s new book for the JBSP, online in advance of the paper edition.

Leonidas Chiotis – Book Review: ‘The Experience of Injustice: A Theory of Recognition by Emmanuel Renault’ (Translated by R. A Lynch) [New York, Columbia University Press, 2019]. (Review originally published online: 12 March 2020).

Opening paragraph: The Experience of Injustice: A Theory of Recognition by the French philosopher Emmanuel Renault elaborates on Axel Honneth’s theory of recognition and at the same time offers a fresh and valuable perspective on the theory of recognition and theories of justice. Renault’s theory of justice does not stem from a specific set of principles of justice but from an experience of injustice (34). He defines the experience of injustice as “a feeling of injustice resulting from the nonsatisfaction of the normative expectations of those who undergo injustice” and at the same time as “an ensemble of practical orientations and cognitive processes that come together in the form of demands” (13). He describes the experience of injustice as a process in which someone lives through an unjust situation and undergoes a cognitive transformation due to the unrecognition of injustice that the person suffered. He indicates three different forms which the experience of injustice can take.

Full article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00071773.2020.1741153

Leonidas Chiotis, Newcastle University

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