JBSP Online: Francesco Tava – ‘Facing a New Crisis by Ian H. Angus’

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OPEN ACCESS: new article for the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology by Francesco Tava (UWE Bristol, Bristol, UK).

Francesco Tava – “Facing a New Crisis: Notes on Groundwork of Phenomenological Marxism, by Ian H. Angus (2021)”

JBSP (Received 13 May 2023, Accepted 21 Jun 2023, Published online: 30 Jun 2023).


Abstract: This review article analyses the topic of phenomenological Marxism, examining its historical formulations, critical contributions, and contemporary re-enactments. It begins with an overview of the works of Enzo Paci and the Milan school of phenomenology, as well as Jan Patočka and Karel Kosík. In addition, it explores the recent work by Ian H. Angus, whose book, Groundwork of Phenomenological Marxism (2021), presents an innovative perspective on the relationship between phenomenology and Marxism. Angus’s work emphasizes the intersection of Husserl and Marx’s ontologies of the lifeworld and labour, offering a fresh perspective on the discourse surrounding the relationship between nature, labour, and culture. Drawing on both phenomenological and Marxist categories, Angus argues for the need for an ethics of responsibility in response to the ecological crisis currently facing humanity. Angus posits that an ethics of responsibility grounded in phenomenological Marxism offers a promising avenue for addressing this pressing global issue.

Full article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00071773.2023.2229869

Francesco Tava, School of Social Sciences, UWE Bristol, Bristol, UK

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