JBSP Online: Richard J. Colledge – ‘Nature and Abyss in Heideggerian Thought’

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A new article for the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology by Richard J. Colledge (Australian Catholic University, Brisbane).

Richard J. Colledge – “The Incomprehensible ‘Unworlded World’: Nature and Abyss in Heideggerian Thought”

JBSP (Received 28 Apr 2022, Accepted 11 Sep 2023, Published online: 21 Sep 2023).

Abstract: The complexities of Heidegger’s early accounts of nature provide a privileged perspective from which to understand the evolution of his thought into the 1930s and beyond. This movement seems largely driven by his response to what Karsten Harries has called “the antinomy of being”. In Heidegger’s early writings, Natur is associated with the “theoretical” and the “intraworldly.” However, less attested is an “unworlded” and thus intrinsically “incomprehensible” sense of nature, as the abyssal ground of worlding. This thread is traced through key Marburg period texts, into Being and Time, and beyond it into the 1928 “metontology” appendix and its surprising transformation in the 1929 inaugural lecture. Finally, some cursory observations are made about how this trajectory unfolds in later Heideggerian thought, taking the 1936 Artwork essay as an example, showing how both sides of the antinomy of being come to be incorporated within a more comprehensive framing of the Seinsfrage.

Full article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00071773.2023.2259435

Richard J. Colledge, School of Philosophy, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane, Australia

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