Join the BSP Executive Committee (ExCo) – two roles available

Are you a member of the BSP? Like to be more involved? Want to help drive its success and growth? If so, read on…


The British Society for Phenomenology is looking for society members who would like to take on a role within our Executive Committee (ExCo) as either Membership Secretary or Annual UK Conference Chair.

The British Society for Phenomenology (BSP)

The BSP is a not-for-profit organisation set up with the intention of promoting research and awareness in the field of phenomenology and other cognate arms of philosophical thought and practice. Currently, the society accomplishes these aims through its journal, prize, podcast, impact agenda, and events. We are an open and welcoming society, and our aim is to create a convivial, inclusive environment for our membership during every interaction.

BSP Executive Committee (ExCo):

The BSP is represented by an Executive Committee (ExCo), a body within and composed from the society’s membership committed to ensuring the success and growth of the society. Executive committee representatives may serve by fulfilling a specific role (or roles) for the society, or in a purely advisory capacity. All ExCo roles are unpaid voluntary positions and have a tenure of four years.

The ExCo roles

To find out more about the roles of Membership Secretary and Annual UK Conference Chair, please check out the job descriptions:

Application process:

To apply for one of these roles, please send an email expressing interest to the BSP at [email protected]. Your expression of interest should include the following information no longer than a one A4 page Word document:

  • Name, current position (such as lecturer, PhD student), affiliation;
  • The role for which you are applying;
  • Your current BSP membership status, including if you have previously served on the ExCo;
  • A short paragraph by way of academic biography, foregrounding your interests and involvement in the field of phenomenology;
  • A brief overview of any current skills in respect to the role for which you are applying.

The deadline for application is midnight 4 December 2022

We will reply to all expressions of interest after a week or so of the deadline, and members who are shortlisted will attend a very friendly Zoom interview.