Karl Lai joins the BSP Executive Committee

We have a brand new member joining the Executive Committee (ExCo) of the British Society for Phenomenology as Membership Secretary.

The Executive Committee (ExCo) of the BSP welcomes Karl Lai to a leadership role within the society as our new Membership Secretary. We also wish to thank our outgoing Membership Secretary Edmund O’Toole.

The BSP ExCo is a voluntary body within and composed from our membership, committed to leading the society, and ensuring its success and growth. ExCo representatives may serve by fulfilling a specific role (or roles), or in an advisory capacity.

Recently Edmund O’Toole took the decision to stand down as Membership Secretary. The ExCo wishes to thank him for his service during a time of change and growth in which he has played a significant part.

The vacancy of the role meant we needed to advertise to recruit from the BSP membership. Karl Lai was successful at interview in securing the Membership Secretary position.

Karl Lai holds an M.A. in Continental Philosophy from Staffordshire University and is currently employed with the Singapore Civil Defence Force, where he oversees manpower resourcing. He is based in Singapore and has a strong interest in the phenomenological community, which he intends to develop in his new leadership role with British Society for Phenomenology.

The BSP welcomes Lai to the ExCo!

Our membership should keep an eye out for further roles and exciting opportunities on the ExCo opening up soon. Watch this space!