Let “BSP Online” promote your events, essays, and books

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Got an event coming up? A new essay out? A book hitting the shelves? Let the BSP promote it online

The British Society for Phenomenology is a not-for-profit organisation set up with the intention of promoting research and awareness in the field of phenomenology. The society currently accomplishes these aims in a number of ways, through its journal, conferences and other events, and its podcast.

More recently, the BSP has also established a strong web presence through its homepage – BSP Online – and associated social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter. We want to harness the reach of our online channels to promote research and awareness in the field of phenomenology, and that means promoting the events you convene and the essays and books you write.

Over the first few days of September, during which time we held our annual conference, our Twitter feed had 12.3K impressions (total tally of all the times a Tweet has been seen). With Facebook, over the seven days surrounding our conference, there were 3.1K post engagements (likes, comments, shares), and our posts reached 6.6K people. We also gained a lot of new followers across both platforms and increased exponentially the number of visits to our homepage.

Of course, we were posting to our social channels much more frequently during the conference period. However, that shows the more we post, the more engagement there is with the BSP and with phenomenology. In short, posting more stuff gets more engagement.

Let BSP Online promote your events, essays, and books
And if we are sharing your CfPs and events, your new essays and books, that means more engagement with your activities and work.

So, why not let the BSP promote your event, essay, or book through our online channels? Just drop us the communication to our contact address, and we’ll do the rest: [email protected]

We are also looking at ways of further expanding our reach. We are thus pleased to announce that we will soon begin promoting the BSP, its activities, the activities of its members, and other goings-on in the world of phenomenology via LinkedIn. LinkedIn is fast becoming an essential social media platform for networking and sharing content amongst the new generation of scholars. So why not follow us on LinkedIn too?

Finally, the BSP wants to expand its publishing and e-publishing developing our impact agenda. We will be building networks with publishing houses to use the society as a springboard for publishing scholarly work, beginning with a book series on applied phenomenology. And we will also be inviting publishers to our annual conference. More on all this as it happens!

Pat and Keith

Dr Patrick O’Connor, president of the BSP
Dr Keith Crome, BSP impact officer