Luna Dolezal: ‘Intercorporeality and Social Distancing’

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A new article from Prof. Luna Dolezal (University of Exeter) published in The Philosopher (2020), available online and open access.

Luna Dolezal
‘Intercorporeality and Social Distancing’
The Philosopher: ‘Bodies’ (Vol 108.3)

“We don’t have to look very far to get some clues as to the consequences of interaction rituals that are dominated by avoidance, fear and distrust.”


Luna Dolezal is a lecturer in Medical Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Exeter. Her research is primarily in the areas of applied phenomenology, philosophy of embodiment, philosophy of medicine and medical humanities (esp. through literature and philosophy). Her books include The Body and Shame: Phenomenology, Feminism and the Socially Shaped Body (2015), while her current book project, The Politics of Shame, explores the social and political dimensions of shame.