MUMBLE Talks: Giovanna Colombetti – ‘Affective scaffolding: but is it conscious?’

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Center for Logic, Language and Cognition (LLC), University of Turin, Italy, holds it’s latest MUMBLE Talk on Tuesday 10 November.

The Mental Underlying Metaphysico-Empirical Basis of Language and Experience (MUMBLE) is a research group in philosophy of language and mind at the Interdepartmental Centre Logic, Language, and Cognition (LLC), University of Turin, Italy. See

Giovanna Colombetti (Exeter)
‘Affective scaffolding: but is it conscious?

Tuesday, 10 November, 4-6 pm (CET)
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PW: 27SFcWXkip7

Abstract: In this talk I present some work in progress from my current book project, which is about affective scaffolding. I use this term to refer, specifically, to the activity of manipulating, and more generally interacting with, material objects in order to influence one’s own affective states and those of others. The question I address in this talk is: how conscious is this activity? It seems obvious that affective scaffolding can be deliberate and as such involve conscious intentions to change one’s affective state, or conscious plans for doing so. Not all activities of affective scaffolding are deliberate, though. We often develop habits of affective scaffolding that are not deliberate. The main aim of my talk is to elucidate whether and how these habits are conscious. To this aim, I will first introduce the notion of prereflective awareness (as already discussed in classical phenomenological works), and then reflect on whether and how this notion can help describe habitual affective scaffolding. I will also explain why in my view the notion of “implicit” habits is not sufficient for describing habitual affective scaffolding.

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