Online Conference: ‘Ricœur 2020: Ricœur as World Heritage’

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KU Leuven convenes an online conference exploring the different worlds of reception of Paul Ricœur’s philosophy – 19-21 November 2020.

Ricœur 2020: Ricœur as World Heritage
Hosted by the Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven
19-21 November 2020, UTC +1

The KU Leuven is pleased to host the International Ricœur Conference 2020, fifty years after he started his seminars at this institution. Today, the work of Paul Ricœur enjoys wide, international recognition. On this occasion, the organisers would like to study the ways in which he has come by this recognition and that which may still be owed to him. In order to do this, it is necessary to situate his work in the different worlds of its reception.

> Beatriz Contreras Tasso, Professor and Academic Director, Institute of Philosophy, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
> Paulin Hountondji, Former Minister of Education and Minister for Culture and Communications (Benin), Professor of Philosophy at the National University of Benin, Former doctoral student of Paul Ricœur
> Yasuhiko Sugimura, Full Professor, Department of Philosophy of Religion, Institute of Letters, University of Kyoto, Japan

If you are interested in attending, please find below the link to the conference website. Here you will find the latest version of the conference program as well as a registration link. Registration is required in order to receive the Zoom link for the conference, as well as gain access to the conference papers.



For further information, contact [email protected]