Online seminar on Phenomenology, Film, and Feminism (King’s College London)

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Lucy Bolton (Queen Mary University), Anna Caterina Dalmasso (University of Milan), and Katie Pleming (University of Edinburgh) on the 23/09/2021.

The organising committee are delighted to invite you to the forthcoming seminar:

“Approaching Portraits of Women – Phenomenology and Feminism in Film” – King’s College London.

The seminar will take place online on the 23rd of September 2021.

The aim of the seminar is to shed light on the nexus between Film-phenomenology (that is, the philosophical framing of films primarily as carnal experiences) and its ethical implications. Intersectional Feminism, then, offers an insightful perspective to approach such a question, since it prompts us to reconsider how the sensible cinematic experience politically affects women’s bodies, black bodies, disabled bodies, LGBTQ+ bodies. Here, the (all female) speakers will dwell on how film-phenomenology can illuminate a discussion both on gender and race.

4 pm – 4.15 pm: Presentation of the Seminar
4.15 pm – 4.40 pm: Dr Lucy Bolton (Queen Mary University) – Film-Phenomenology, Iris Murdoch, and Mary Magdalene
4.40 pm – 5.05 pm: Dr Anna Caterina Dalmasso (University of Milan) – Take a Breath. Exploring Cinema’s Osmatic Unconscious
5.05 pm – 5. 30 pm: Dr Katie Pleming (University of Edinburgh) – Race and Sound: Film-Phenomenology, Ethics, and Politics
5.30 pm – 6 pm: Q&A Session.

To book a place in the online seminar, please register on the Eventbrite event by clicking on the link below.
A day prior to the seminar, we will send you a Zoom link to participate.
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The Seminar is supported by the SOF (Student Opportunity Fund) grant, funded by King’s College London.

Organising Committee:
Giulia Rainoldi: [email protected]
Xinyu Gong: [email protected]
MA Film Studies & Philosophy, King’s College London