Out Now: Sartre Studies International (Vol. 26, Issue 1)

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Sartre Studies International journal is published in association with the United Kingdom Sartre Society & the North American Sartre Society.

The latest issue of Sartre Studies International has published! Published in association with the United Kingdom Sartre Society and the North American Sartre Society. Please visit the Berghahn website for more information about the journal: http://www.berghahnjournals.com/sartre-studies.

Sartre Studies International Volume 26, Issue 1


John Gillespie and Katherine Morris

Symposium on Being and Nothingness, Sarah Richmond’s Translation of L’Etre et le néant

‘In Praise of Sarah Richmond’s Translation of L’Être et le néant‘: Matthew C. Eshleman

‘Sarah Richmond’s Translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness‘: Adrian van den Hoven

‘Responses to Matthew Eshleman and Adrian van den Hoven’: Sarah Richmond


‘Bad Faith and Character in Jonathan Webber’s Sartre: An Appreciation and Critique‘: Ronald E. Santoni

‘Sociality, Seriousness, and Cynicism: A Response to Ronald Santoni on Bad Faith’: Jonathan Webber

Review Article

‘Beauvoir and Writing as the Creation of the Self: Memoirs, Diaries, Biography’: Liesbeth Schoonheim

Book Reviews

Kyle Michael James Shuttleworth and Nik Farrell Fox