Out Now – ‘The Phenomenological Movement’ (Azimuth, 1/2020)

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New issue of “Azimuth. Philosophical Coordinates in Modern and Contemporary Age” focuses upon the forerunners, contemporaries, and successors of Husserl.

The Editorial Board of the international journal “Azimuth. Philosophical Coordinates in Modern and Contemporary Age” is pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue on the topic:


This volume of Azimuth is intended to explore different areas of knowledge that remain uncharted within the heritage of phenomenology lato sensu. It is therefore divided in three distinct sections: the first one considers all those authors that have nourished the ground on which Husserl’s phenomenology has arisen (Trendelenburg, Brentano, Lipps, Stumpf, Eucken, Sigwart); the second one focuses on the early disciples of Husserl, with special regard to those emerging from the circles of Munich and Gottingen (Schapp, Reinach, Geiger, Pfänder, Scheler, Ingarden, Conrad-Martius, Heidegger); the last one examines those scholars that moved towards or against Husserl’s late inquiries, and that can be considered the depositaries of the phenomenological legacy in the second half of the 20th century (Fink, Patočka, Landgrebe, Rombach, Blumenberg, Levinas). The volume also includes the Italian translation of Ricoeur’s essay on Husserl’s and Wittgenstein’s late notion of language, translated by A. Tsoullos and revised by J.-M. Tétaz.

Featuring contributions by: Ferdinand Fellmann, Denis Seron, Francesco Pisano, Daniele Nuccilli, Emilio Baccarini, Luca Bifulco and Gianfranco Pecchinenda, Aris Tsoullous, Lucilla Guidi, Nicola Zamboni, Dieter Mersch, and with the first Italian translation of P. Ricoeur’s essay “L’ultimo Wittgenstein e l’ultimo Husserl sulla questione del linguaggio” (trans. A. Tsoullous and revised by J.-M. Tétaz).

*The issue is dedicated to the memory of Ferdinand Fellmann (1939-2019), who passed away while co-editing this book: the Editorial Board and the Co-editor are deeply grateful for Fellmann’s passionate engagement and collaboration

The volume is available for purchase on the Azimuth website.