Phenomenology and Mindfulness conference – presentations on YouTube

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Organised by the University of Cyprus to explore the relationship between phenomenology and mindfulness, speakers’ papers now available to watch.

The Phenomenology and Mindfulness conference took place at the University of Cyprus, 1-3 June, organised by the University of Cyprus to explore the relationship between phenomenology and mindfulness.

Speakers: Dermot Moran, Natalie Depraz, James Morley, Havi Carel, Mahon O’Brien, Petri Berndtson, Francesca Brencio, Celia Cabrera, Ming-Hon Chu, Joseph Cohen, Anya Daly, Susi Ferrarello, Evie Filea, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Lisa Foran, Christos Hadjioannou, Hayden Kee, Tim Mooney, Simon Pierrick, Jan Puc, Max Schaefer, Angelos Sofocleous, Odysseus Stone, Gerhard Thonhauser, Ying-Chien Yang, and Clive Zammit.

This conference presented papers that explore the relationship between  phenomenology  and mindfulness. The aim was to create a fruitful dialogue between these two traditions, to bring about possible overlaps and incongruities, exploring historical as well as systematic connections. Both phenomenology and mindfulness (of Buddhist or other strands) involve an attitudinal modification that reconnects the subject with concrete living experience, that also involves abstaining from judgment. Despite a few articles that have appeared in recent scholarship that look at phenomenology and mindfulness in their togetherness, not much has been written on this very promising topic.

You can now watch all the presentations on YouTube: